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It’s Summertime at Amazing Strangers!

Drunk Couple in Vomit
Drunk couple on F Train Platform in their own vomit

A whole new batch of Amazing Strangers for July, and lots of Amazing Stranger activities! A new map, new sidebar, and the Dog Molester Decoder Contest has yet to be won! No one can seem to figure out that last word. And I’ll tell you, if no one gets it by the end of the month the prize will go unclaimed and which will be a bitter end for us all.

Enter the Dog Molester Decoder Contest!

Test your wits! Challenge your intellect! Decode the Dog Molester’s mysterious cipher message and win!

Several days ago during a safe sex campaign at Union Square, the Dog Molester inscribed a message to you and me and the rest of the world onto a bed sheet, and now I challenge YOU to decode it!

The task is simple. Using three photos, and whatever you might have learned of the Dog Molester on his page, decode the Dog Molester. There is a definite right answer that I’ve got in hand. He used only a blue marker to write his message. First place prize is an autographed photo of the Dog Molester, plus a set of Jesus magnets of your choice!

Email your decoding entries to
Subject: Dog Molester Decode