9 thoughts on “New Hate Mail, and a MAMMOTH contest to lick my detractors!”

  1. OMG. Somebody actually wrote down what I would have originally responded to that thread with.

    I would have bet that the thread would be entirely crazy people with a mission to try and censor the internet, which is always good for a laugh, but I guess that’s too predictable.

    … A reasonable response from a fundie?! Fuh! That’s no fun!

  2. This is another of the letters they plan to send out:

    Mr. Smith,

    Today I happened upon your website “jesusdressup.com”

    I did not find it particularly amusing. Offering to dress up God in a devil suit is offensive to me. Of course, you do not care. Your own website tracks how busy you are by saying that when things are slow that “Help! Religious people give their god credit when I’m this low on jobs! Hire me quick!”
    I am not in a position to hire you, so I am of little consequence. However, I would like to inform you that I will be contacting the people on your review list:

    Amber Ray

    To inform them of my boycott and my intent to inform friends, coworkers and fellow church members of your site and ask them to write to you past and future employers to let them know of our extreme distaste for your work. I am certain you will still find work, the world being as it is. But I will continue my distaste at your mocking of the God of the Universe. Also, I will be praying for you.

    Seriously? I believe that those websites they’re sending this letter out to are friends of Bob’s… I find it incredibly hilarious that they actually think that Bob’s friends are going to totally disown him! Hahaha! I mean, they know who he is and what he stands for. That’s why they contacted him to do their designs, I’m sure.

    What a bunch of idiots.

    Not to mention that they are seriously talking about “hacking [sic] and [disabling] the website.” First of all, it’s called cracking, not hacking. Cracking is breaking into systems, hacking is programming. I can’t stand it when people get these two terms mixed up. Like the words “lose” and “loose.” It drives me nuts.

    Second of all, what they’re suggesting is actually against the law. Like hardcore against the law. I think someone should report them.

    And finally, what the hell does Satan have to do with any of it? One of the posters on that forum said, “This shows that Satan is alive and well and doing his utmost to destroy/discredit the saving sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Satan must be their second scape-goat, because the only thing these believers do is blame Satan for everything they think is wrong. If a priest molests a child, it must be Satan’s fault, not the fault of the offending priest… This kind of attitude is incredibly dangerous.

    Bob, you should ask the Catholics why it is that their current pope, back in the 60s, wrote an order basically saying to keep the victims of molestation at the hands of priests silent! Their current pope, before he was the pope, wrote a decree back in the 60s that priests were to keep the victims silent, or be excommunicated.

    You should tell them that their pope is WAAAAAY worse than your website. I mean, their pope actually condones child molestation, and that is incredibly fucking sick. It makes me sick to my stomach. I want to vomit.

    To sum it all up, Catholics and other Christians are essentially child molesters. Though not all believers are guilty of the act itself, they are just as guilty as those who did commit the acts, as they are doing nothing to put an end to any of it.

    Oh, but they’re more concerned with shutting down your website. I guess you gotta have priorities, huh?

  3. It’s a bit distressing to see how many people want someone else to take responsibility for their bad behavior. If they aren’t blaming Satan for the world’s ills, they’re trying to get Jesus to accept their crimes against others, so that he will magically make their guilt go away. Then they complain that kids don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Well, look who is setting the example! Christianity is a blight on humanity for this reason.

  4. I sure do love normal bob smith. The self righteous hate mail is always good for a laugh. keep up the great work. We need more atheists and we need more rational thought.

  5. Bob, I pray in Jesus’ Holy Name you take down this web sight. I know you and all Americans love Jesus with all their Heart and we all know that the Bible God is too weak to handle and save all those lost souls, because he created the entire universe including over 125 billion galaxies in just six days, with billions of Suns that send out constant heat thousands of degrees 24/7, so he had to send his only begotten son to die on that cross for just you and me, never mind the billions of Chinese and Russians and South Americans and Muslims that will be going to hell just because they would not believe in Jesus.

    It is so obvious to anyone that the Bible God had to sacrifice his only begotten son, because he had no other choice, he had to prove to the entire world that he had to give up something so precious of value for people and for Satan to believe, that this time he’s really being serious, because Satan and evil has taken over the minds of every living human being, especially Catholics.

    Of course, Jesus had to drag that cross to the top of the hill and was only inconvenienced those three days and nights and so now he’s sitting at the right hand of god, but the perks were totally worth it.

    So now all you have to do is, drop down to the floor on your knees and ask Jesus to enter into your heart, just say, Dear Jesus I know you had to hang there for the entire three days to take on all the sins of the world so that people who believe in you will not perish, but will have everlasting life in heaven.

    And say, I also believe that God came down from heaven and disguised himself as a baby child to grow up as a wise teacher of gods holy word and that you believe Jesus and God are the one and the same person.

    So now, that you are Christian, you can commit any heinous crime, rape, lie, cheat, steal, lie, cheat, child molestation, even murder, and just ask Jesus for forgiveness, and your slate will be wiped clean, but if you do not believe in Jesus, you will go to hell.

    The only unpardonable sin, is non-belief in Jesus.

  6. I’d like to know how they intend to write to your future employers. Are some of them practicing fortune telling? They should know that baby Jesus spits on fortune tellers right before he condemns them to Detroit.

  7. Dear Bob,,

    I have seen your site, and it really makes me sad that after what JESUS has done for you and me,there are those people like you who could do such disrespectful act.

    You know what Bob,JESUS loves you so much,that he gave his life for us.
    All you have to do is just to pray and ask JESUS to forgive you for such act and
    I know He’s just waiting for you to come to Him.


  8. You know, I’m so sick to death of that “Jesus died for your sins” bullshit that the Christy’© are always coming at us with. If he did, then why the fuck are we still sinning? Seems like a pointless death, which was allowed to happen, in vain, by a sadistic God. Sound about right?

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