Art keeping me sane

Let’s begin this long-awaited blog with an announcement: I’m going to have some scary art on display at The Haunted Art Show October 13th at The Art Wear House in Muskegon MI. What makes this event so unique for me is it’s the first time I’ve been able to display my Creatures Of Neptune publicly. Plus having it here in Muskegon, well, it’s a thrill showing off the strange drawings of my younger years around these parts.
I believe the show goes through to mid November, so if you’re in the Muskegon area and the lack of freaky art in town got you down, come turn that frown upside-down, ya clown!

My 2nd Wendell Pillow Top Hat (I had to preserve the little traveller dude he drew on the USPS box)

I am also very pleased to announce that Wendell is very much alive and well in NYC. So well in fact, I hired him to make me another hat! No joke. Last month I noticed Wendell is quite active on Instagram. And he’s a big enough personality now that he’s being sought out by a new crop of NYC street photographers and looks-loos. So I hit him up on IG letting him know I was in the market for another hat. A Wendell Pillow Top Hat. To me these reflect what I love & miss about Union Square. Plus they look fuckin sharp displayed.
He seemed anxious to make me another. And despite Shaggy’s doubt telling me, “Say goodbye to that deposit! You’re never gonna hear from him again.” Despite this, I believed in Wendell! Then, to my surprise, it arrived on my doorstep just last week, and I am so very happy.

Finally, I’ve been maintaining my sanity the only way I know how. Drawing.
Book Nook Java Shop in Muskegon has my stuff on display and requested I draw more authors. So I’ve been practicing my pen & ink cross hatching on portraits of Vonnegut, Poe, Bukowski, Orwell and others. Stop in to view and purchase these fine, signed prints.