I am outdated

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any sort of review of my stuff online, but a couple weeks ago I was sent this. ——>>>>>
My immediate reaction was “Yup, I’m officially old school/dark web internet. I am outdated. You’ll be there too, one day.”

It seems my most popular content reflects this. The videos, the anti-religious sentiment, the uncensored words. In fact, you probably couldn’t upload my content nowadays without being stricken down. I’m probably walking around in fear of reprisals for the things I’ve said and done online, and I’m part of an internet history most would like to forget. The video review was another reminder of how my “normal” does not at all coincide with popular normal. I’ve known this. It’s the reason for my name, for Christ’s sake.

The fliers I spread around town

I suppose I’m not surprised by this, but I wouldn’t have predicted it was the way things would be 20 years later. A lot has happened since I’ve abandoned my main site– A recession, the pandemic, Trump, Antifa, Q, religious & conservative pushback, internet censorship, etc. The news consists mainly of imminent doom and endless reasons to fear your neighbor. Stores are more wary than ever to carry my stuff. I get it. Jesus Dressup is picking a fight when less fights need be picked. And the town I’m living is the most conservative place I’ve ever lived. Life feels very, very different indeed.

Jack Kerouac pen & ink

I’m not living under any sort of fear though. I outgrew that decades ago. I’m naively living under the assumption that people here are suffocating on their old fashioned conservative commitments and’ll be overjoyed to hear my refreshing outlook. Here is my art! Here are my fliers! Here are my funny magnets of your Saviour! Hey, where’s everybody going?! Hello?

I’ve found a few small clusters of folks who do reflect these assumptions, but overall it’s just I who’s suffocating.
So, welcome Fall!

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