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I am an artist for hire.

My specialties include (but not limited to) custom dressup style games, digital cartooning of irreverent ideas, and most anything of a comedic nature.

My favorite projects are high fashion pop culture topics and assignments which allow for my artistic interpretation with minimal guidelines. But I also take direction very well and am easy to work with if your end product is completely thought through. Also, I’ve no aversion whatsoever to kid-friendly jobs.

My creativity is at your disposal. I have over 15 years experience manifesting recognized content for the web & marketplace. I truly enjoy brainstorming unfinished ideas so they can be as original and functional on today’s internet as humanly possible.

You can easily reach me at I’m happy to give quotes for whatever you have in mind.

When hiring me for a project, you will in no way be linked or associated with my site unless you specifically request it. I acknowledge concerns that clients may have with my public persona, therefore, all precautions are taken to ensure their anonymity.

If you’re interested in how a project is done, or what to expect when hiring me to do a job for you, read more about that in these blogs.
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I appreciate your consideration and look forward to creating your next project. Below is a sampling of both personal and freelance jobs I’ve completed. And for more, including reference material I used, you can visit my Pintrest.

Magnetic Trump Dressup ($15)
Magnetic Trump Dressup ($15)

the many outfits of @babyballs 🎨 by @normalbobsmith

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