Lena Moon Dressup!


It was after moving here to Michigan that I discovered one of my friends from New York had become a famous pornstar, now in LA. Not only this, but I was already her fan. I knew the name. So imagine my shock when I saw she was following me on Instagram and had already messaged me from her new porn name saying, “You probably don’t recognize me but, Hi! How are you?”

Long story short, she and I agreed on this little project together, and I was allowed to make it whatever I wanted. She also made it crystal clear that she had “no use for a censored version, lol!” So be aware this is NSFW. If you have a weak heart or are a bit leaning towards the prudish this is not the game for you! Your temptation to click on the “NAKEY” option is yours to contend with. Yours alone. But for everybody else, click away! I’m very proud with how it turned out. I think that shows.

As any of you who keep up with me know, I’ve been poking around these last couple years trying to figure out where the next stage of my creativity is going. I took another shot at painting, and it didn’t take long for me to realize I just find painting unenjoyable. And I’ve been shooting in the dark in other areas as well. Finally I’ve just had to accept that my expertise and excitement is with cute, funny dressup games. I need to stop trying to deny this. So figuring out how to do them now-a-days is the challenge I should be addressing.

You see, this is my first attempt at making a dressup game myself to be played on a mobile device. It’s not an app. It’s a webpage, which I realize is becoming less and less of a familiar platform for such things. But it does indeed work. It may take some of you a hot minute for the images to load up, and I have no idea what other glitches will be coming at me once its traffic picks up, but this is my version vision of how it can be done, by me.

I’m interested to get the feedback, and hoping you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.