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2 opposing reasons to buy Prophet Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets

Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets
Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets ($15) include the latest men’s fashions from Target & The GAP plus police uniform & kilt

So, as had been dared of me to do for the last 13 or so years I finally went and produced a Mohammed Dressup magnet kit. I’ve always suspected sales would be a struggle for something as feared as this, but they’ve actually been going much better than predicted! Since they hit the marketplace approximately 3 weeks ago I’ve officially sold 2. One online and one on the street. Luckily, these sets are such fun for me to sell and promote that’s all I need to keep me juiced and pushing for more! They’re a very exciting item to behold. You should try it.

Now, in case you’re wondering exactly why you should consider buying a set of your own, I have two very different, carefully worded reasons that appeal to either side of the fence, depending on where you stand.

Islamaphobes Suck and deserve to be proved wrong! Dead wrong. Despite popular opinion there is nothing to fear from the Muslim community in regards to creating an image of their Prophet. All the hype has been blown entirely too far out of proportion and the only way to fully illustrate this is to purchase a set and prove once and for all Muslims are reasonable people who can take a silly joke without overreacting – no different than you or I.

Celebrate Islamaphobia! What better way to piss off the Muslim community and show ’em you’re not gonna take their bullshit than by doing that which they detest most – Condone the blatant illustration of their beloved Prophet for laughs and profit. Take part in this forbidden portrayal of their precious leader in a game that shows him as nothing more than a common man – no different than you or I.

Either way I see no reason why there should be any second guessing as to why The Prophet Mohammed shouldn’t be on your fridge door to help hold up grocery lists.

Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets – Dress Mohammed the Prophet in an array of striking men’s fashions selected from Target and The GAP + accessories. $15


Welcome to (the new Latest Updates location)

This winter has turned out to be the longest of winters I’ve ever spent away from the site. Not that I haven’t been able to keep myself busy, but it did in fact turn out to be a much needed break. Since October of 2000 I’ve not gone once without making some sort of content update at least every couple weeks. And on average, consistently updating it a couple times a week, for 13 years! But the internet’s changed drastically since then. One of the changes I’ve witnessed is there being less of a need for constant obsessive updates. Competing for continual content on the web is a no-win race, and can quickly lead to extreme burnout.

Happily, I can now confidently say that the struggle to maintain a significant flow of traffic is no longer necessary for me to maintain a stable income. The steady demand for Jesus magnets on store shelves has freed me from those worries. That’s what I’ve spent the last year working to guarantee. Cold calling stores, sending samples, and fulfilling orders has proved to be a very fruitful venture. Asking my Facebook friends for names of possible stores has done what in the past I thought impossible – A useful purpose for Facebook.

Have no doubt however that the site remains my pride & joy. I’ve got big plans for 2013. The one that’s in the forefront of my mind at this exact moment is the project I just put the final payment on this afternoon. The Prophet Mohammed Dressup magnet sets!

Mohammed Magnets & Postcards
Mohammed Magnets and Postcards ($30)

Seriously, the last time I felt this excited about a project was when I received the first Jesus Dressup magnet samples back in ’04. Earlier this week the Mohammed samples landed on my doorstep, and let me tell you, they are a sight to behold! If you see me on the street, feel free to ask to see it! I am one proud papa. And the new version of the online game (you’re dressing him in modern men’s fashions from Target & The Gap) is available for play immediately! There’s also Prophet Mohammed postcards available for purchase too. 100% legally mailable postcards that can be sent through the US Postal Service for just pennies a piece! No envelopes required so The Prophet’s image can be seen the whhhhhooooollle way! Across the nation and over oceans! I encourage you to get a pack for yourself to send your heartfelt wishes to friends, loved ones and anyone else you think might appreciate seeing the long lost Prophet. I’d also like to think that this latest endeavor will give my Hate Mail section a much needed shot in the arm. We’ll see what happens now won’t we?

All right Bob. Stop. I’m too excitable about all this right now. There’s more to talk about.
*Catches breath.*

There is, of course, another exciting year of Amazing Strangers at Union Square about to begin just as soon as the weather gets agreeable. Which reminds me – Shaggy is coming out with his own line of products this year too! His book, DEATH TO THE READERS, is available on Amazon for just $3, and available in print very soon. There’s also going to be tee shirts too, which if you’re an observant follower you’ll see Shaggy’s been wearing it in some of the videos that’ve been posted recently.

I have a list of art projects I’m working my way through too. As they happen you can rest assured they will brought to your attention. This leads me to the next important update. My Latest Updates section of the site is being archived for good, and this spot here at is where all things related to all of my sites will be posted. IMPORTANT: If you have a subscription to the old Latest Updates page you’re going to have to resubscribe at this one. The old one is no longer operational. Nothing will change about the layout at, but I’ve come to realize that the web does demand that I present a format more friendly & familiar to today’s first time visitors. And here we are.

So please, click the Subscribe button on the right and stay tuned for another fun year from me,
Your only true friend,
Normal Bob Smith.