2 opposing reasons to buy Prophet Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets

Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets
Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets ($15) include the latest men’s fashions from Target & The GAP plus police uniform & kilt

So, as had been dared of me to do for the last 13 or so years I finally went and produced a Mohammed Dressup magnet kit. I’ve always suspected sales would be a struggle for something as feared as this, but they’ve actually been going much better than predicted! Since they hit the marketplace approximately 3 weeks ago I’ve officially sold 2. One online and one on the street. Luckily, these sets are such fun for me to sell and promote that’s all I need to keep me juiced and pushing for more! They’re a very exciting item to behold. You should try it.

Now, in case you’re wondering exactly why you should consider buying a set of your own, I have two very different, carefully worded reasons that appeal to either side of the fence, depending on where you stand.

Islamaphobes Suck and deserve to be proved wrong! Dead wrong. Despite popular opinion there is nothing to fear from the Muslim community in regards to creating an image of their Prophet. All the hype has been blown entirely too far out of proportion and the only way to fully illustrate this is to purchase a set and prove once and for all Muslims are reasonable people who can take a silly joke without overreacting – no different than you or I.

Celebrate Islamaphobia! What better way to piss off the Muslim community and show ’em you’re not gonna take their bullshit than by doing that which they detest most – Condone the blatant illustration of their beloved Prophet for laughs and profit. Take part in this forbidden portrayal of their precious leader in a game that shows him as nothing more than a common man – no different than you or I.

Either way I see no reason why there should be any second guessing as to why The Prophet Mohammed shouldn’t be on your fridge door to help hold up grocery lists.

Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets – Dress Mohammed the Prophet in an array of striking men’s fashions selected from Target and The GAP + accessories. $15