4 thoughts on “The Val V. Phillay hate mail files”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the latest tidbit of annoying christians!

    I know for sure that some of the most hardcore and serious atheists would shriek in horror and criticism at your latest tidbit, that of “your most cherished and treasured of beliefs.” They don’t want people to think that atheists and christians are on equal footing.

    But the way you put it makes perfect sense to me.

    I mentioned abiogenesis at work sometime last year, with a Christian in the room. He pitched a fit. I laughed at him. I actually said, “I’m laughing at you,” and not much else, since he was having a full-on tantrum, threatening to go to HR and report that I am creating a hostile work environment. I tried to inject humor, trying to remind him that creationism is not limited to the JEWISH story. I said,”well, yeah, the world was created by a giant muskrat who ejaculated into a mountain cave.” His response?

    “I don’t care WHAT you believe!”

    So, had I utilized your new tidbit, I could have realized that my belief in evolution is one so beloved and cherished, that it informs my whole worldview! How dare he call evolution “crap” (keep in mind I never once mentioned evolution, only abiogenesis)! He just bashed my beliefs! Why, I have half a mind (or a quarter) to report him to HR for creating a hostile work environment.

    Actually, I managed to shut him up at the time by making him realize we were “on the same footing.” Ha. I told him, “Well, you were the one who initially called it ‘crap,’ so we’re even. You do realize that, right?”

    If it shuts them up, it’s done its job.

  2. Unfortunately, religions psychotic intent is to take us back to when we where in kindergarten.

    An example of 5 year old psychotic mind game is, I could tell you that I have a secret in which you do not know, and I bet you cannot guess what that secret is. The secret is that jesus loves you and you will go to hell if you do not believe in him, says Billy Graham and others of 5 year old miniscule intellect.

    In other words, the psychotic fallacy is, because I believe something that you do not believe, I know something that you do not know, this means by having this special secret knowledge that I possess, I myself am special, I am put above you, I am told that I am better than you because I believe in jesus, this belief I have makes me special above you, therefore you are going to hell and I’m going to heaven…nah..na..na..na…nah

    The problem with all that is, the bible god didn’t lift a finger to help save even one of his favorite people,(six million jews), so he sure a hell has no regard for christians.

    Oh I forgot, the jews do not believe in jesus, burn baby burn.

  3. Another true believer. Your retort was pretty airtight. Still, I liked your rhetoric in the Hassidic video even more. His whole shtick just pisses me off. Oooo your an atheist so you don’t have morality. C’mon. Really? What a crock of feces.

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