Hate mail page 420!

Believe me, I realize that page 420 of Hate Mail holds significant meaning to many of you, and is quite possibly a milestone in the history of the site, but all I could really get together was a sidebar with somebody who sounds high. But don’t let my understating fool you! This edition of hm. if fucking outrageous, cocky, irreverant and as always, heartless.


5 thoughts on “Hate mail page 420!”

  1. There’s absolutely nothing that I despise more than a hypocrite christian, I mean the one’s that do not adhere to god’s holy word, especially the one’s who talk about other christians who do not fulfill god’s laws.

    One of many examples is:

    Leviticus ch. 26, vs 29

    “And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters, ye shall eat.”

    And stoning to death, practically no one stones anyone to death these days, damned hypocrites!

  2. Just thought I’d share this:
    cricket [Member] writes:
    It doesn’t do us much good to how how bloody important it is to get vaccinated if we can’t get any bloody vaccine, now, does it?

    Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick.

    Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!– now THERE’S a concept!
    Great material for a cartoon!

    BTW- What the hell does the “H” stand for in Jesus H. Christ???
    You could make a contest out of that…why not?

    I’ll give the first answer. I think it stands for HIM.

  3. That thing called Sharon sounds like a real competitor for the Retatas for Jeebus award or some other such mark of lunacy! I mean, look at its fucking grammar and how difficult a time it seems to have with even the simplest of thought processes. See how its emotional state shifts when you, using obvious sarcasm, make it think that you are on its side. I can only imagine how emotionally retata that thing is in real life. It would be a wonderful posterthing for studying the effects (stupefaction) of indoctrinated ideology in ‘Merka. I saw its email on godless bastard’s site and just had to seek its other pearls of wis-dumb. This one is fun.

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