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  1. Hi, regarding the sidebar comment “…can provide a SEO boost…” – I’ve always wondered what is the correct grammar is when using “a” before an abbreviation. I mean, “ess ee o” kind of starts with a vowel sound so I figure it should be “an”, but then again, the abbreviated word starts with an “s” so maybe it should be “a”? These are the deep questions I am encouraged to ponder by that email.

    What would Jesus do?

  2. definitely ‘an SEO’ is correct. nobody says ‘see-oh’

    jesus agrees with everything i do and he says use ‘an’

  3. I absolutely loved your answers to Joy. Very witty, funny and enjoyable. And the picture would be great. Another doodled sketch, perhaps? You haven’t done these in quite some time (4 years, I believe).

  4. Joy is another amusing, if somewhat depressing, example of someone completely missing the point of the joke, even moreso for not noticing that she’s the punchline.

  5. Oh, how I long for the days when Christians actually made an effort to defend their deity. People like Joy only prove that they are not really into the whole being-a-witness-for-Sweet-Jeezy thing. :o/

  6. Hey, Bob.

    I’ve been getting a lot of mail just like this one lately, in response to my really old You Tube video. It’s been around so long, and it had like 2500 comments on it, so I disabled them. I’ve been thinking of starting a new conversation. But of course this inflamed the ire of my Christian, uh, “fans.” They are proclaiming the Glory of God, only they’re insisting what a violent Fuck He is, and that it means he is ultimately moral and loving–based on His willful destruction of mankind when He damn well pleases to do it. So much for their whining that we secular folks believe in Moral Relativism. Looks like they worship the biggest Moral Relativist of all! Turns out Rick Perry and his Christian Dominionist ilk are the ones going around pissing that phrase in our ears. Crazy Fucks.

    Just so you know, I haven’t been around a lot because I’ve been…like…hospital sick. But now I’m back minus my Conspiracy job. A little worse for wear. Luckily it’s the 21st century, and I am not to be put down in some pauper’s hospital colony somewhere, where Christians can have at me 24/7. I had to make it VERY clear at the hospital, several times, that I am NOT religious and DO NOT WANT clergy to bother me. Unless they are Scientologists–that I’d like to see. I’m still having to reassure my office doctors, of which I have several–that I am pro-vaccination, and pro-transfusion. Without those bags of blood, I would be dead right now. 4 bags of blood. Bite me, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Scientists!

  7. hey i love u’r website and u’r responses.

    i have a personal question for u. do u really believe that human beings can ever become rational beings. can there be a replacement to religion. hitler, stalin, pol pot, mao and many others tried other god less ideas but the problem was that every one of em is a monster. through out history people did follow or bowed down to monsters. from what i have seen and learned i am not sure if humans(most of em) are capable of living without god. what do u think.

  8. I think it’s kind of condescending to applaud ourselves for being rational and without gods and religion, and then suppose that the rest of the unwashed can’t live without it and it’s a lost cause. If you yourself are capable of it, why would you suppose we need a Pol Pot to follow? All it takes is a generation to change a whole culture.

  9. Thanks for sharing those emails from the faithful Joy. She is so blessed to be deluded and uncertain of reality and where it can be found. All of her replies reminded me of the typical fundie response to any and all non believers. They could only say but so much about Jesus, and quite frankly Bob that shit gets old in a hurry.

    I get visitors to my blog yacking about praying for me etc. I have learned to pay them no mind. I rarely reply to those types of people because I begin to start feeling like a fucking talking parrot with a limited vocabulary repeating myself over and over again and waiting and hoping for the wall to one day acknowledge me and respond. Lol

    Keep up the good work Bob and best wishes.

    Your loyal fan: David Cortright aka chatpilot

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