The John Asby files
Last weekend the Christians decended upon Union Square and completely took over the park. Friday they arrived, hundreds of them, forming a circle (facing inwards so they only saw themselves) and sang songs to Jesus for hours. This page is one of those Christians, John Asby, who was willing to talk somewhat reasonably, with us.


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  1. Sounds like that great thing “God gave us”, namely FREE WILL, will be taken away when we enter God’s “kingdom.” Sounds like the people in Hell have more freedom — they will at least feel as they do, without being an unfeeling, self-serving God’s bitch for eternity.

  2. This is a common response: “I don’t like that–it makes me sad that people who [X] burn in the lake of fire forever, but unfortunately that’s where people go.”

    It’s like when you cause a car accident, and you don’t say, “I’m sorry I hit you” or “I’m sorry, I was drunk and negligent.” Instead, you say “I’m sorry that happened to you, but unfortunately that’s the risk you take when you get in a car.” That’s how politicians talk. They remove themselves from the equation.

    And that’s what the guy does here. “I’m sorry it happens, but that’s the way it is.”
    No, no you don’t. If you believe that God is the creator of the universe from the start, you know very well that everything is God’s Will. If it happens that people who don’t believe, or people who are gay or the wrong religion burn in the lake of fire for all eternity, it’s God who set it up that way. It’s no accident. Even if, somehow, in your skewed version of the rules of reality where the stuff in Revelation is going to happen, then God intended for hell to be a place for those “sinners.” It says it right there in that very book. Jesus is on his throne, he asks Michael or whatever angel to open the book of life. If the name does not appear, the angel picks you up and throws you in. It’s right in there.

    You think, if God felt the same way you do, “sad,” or “crying” about it, he would say, “Michael, stop. This is not justice. Please take this terrible human who does not believe in me and give him another chance” Of course he doesn’t, because he doesn’t want to. Could he violate his rule about free will and make the person a believer so he doesn’t have to suffer so cruelly? The believers say no, never. Yet the bible is full of instances where God violates free will and makes someone think something they would not have otherwise. (If he didn’t violate free will, He couldn’t have killed all those babies in Egypt, and that wouldn’t have been fun for God.) So no, not only does God Will it, and Want it, He knows it’s Good that people suffer forever. So if it’s good and what God wants, who are you (I refer to the Christian) to cry or feel bad or say it’s too bad? It’s not too bad. Sinner! You’ll have to repent for feeling compassion towards other human beings.

    And what kind of religion is that, which makes it a sin to feel compassion? A good one? I think not. You are free to argue, but that’s how it is for this ex-christian.

    But just take the low road and dismiss me as someone who was the “wrong kind of Christian.” Of course I’ll pay for betraying God in this way.

  3. What is really so sad is that there are millions of christians that condone the actions of their make believe god and have the gall to pretend to worship such a monsterous and evil god.

    Worshipping a god like that makes them no better than the god that they are pretending to worship. I wonder if they would send their loved one’s to hell just because they do not believe in them? Sounds like they would, to me.

  4. Christians like to pretend that Hell is a horrible place to send people when confronted by people who are capable of feeling compassion and see their god for the truly evil, amoral, sociopath that he truly is. But when they think no one is looking, they’re preaching hellfire and brimstone like all the rest of them. Christians are hypocrites of the highest degree.

    There’s a “punk rock” ministry for Jesus that went on record saying that killing homosexuals is moral. Here’s the article:

    Some Christians will claim that these are the opinions of the minority of believers, and that these people aren’t “true” Christians, that not all Christians think this way. However, the fact that they’re not fighting to put a stop to their psychotic brethren’s beliefs makes them just as guilty as those who actually hold these beliefs and are fighting to make them a reality. The fact that they’re not trying to put a stop to all the hate speech makes them just as hateful.

    The blood of every person who dies at the hands of the faithful is on the hands of EVERY Christian. Not just the ones who committed the act. Inaction is just as bad as action, if not more so.

    I refuse to believe in their god, and if the gestapo come knocking at my door, I will fight back, guns a-blazin’.

  5. “But I didn’t want to hide those verses like they didn’t exist, because God said them and so they are.”

    GOD said them?? No he didn’t! God did not write any of this down on a scrap of paper, hand it to his secretary, and say, “Here, make 30 millions copies of this and distribute them worldwide.” The fact is that God never wrote a damn thing. Everything in the Bible was written by humans CLAIMING that they were writing what God said. Well, anyone can make any sort of claim. Am I to believe them just because they bother to write it down? By that criteria, there are hundreds of books in the Religion & Spirituality section at Barnes and Noble that I should believe just because the authors said so!

    “…Hell was created for Satan and unfortunately is where people who rejected Christ go.”

    If it was created only for Satan, then why and how would human beings end up there? It doesn’t make any sense. GOD is the one who created hell, right? And God is all-knowing, right? So that means God created hell, however many thousands or millions of years ago, knowing full well that humans would end up there–humans whom HE had created, whom he supposedly loved and cherished. Why would he create such a terrible place for the creatures that he loved? That is like two people making a torture chamber for the children they don’t have yet, in anticipation of the kids being bad. And then they have kids, and one of them disobeys his parents, and they throw him in the torture room to be beaten every day for ten years, and when asked why they would do such a thing, they say, “Well, it’s his own fault he’s there. When he disobeyed us, he sent himself to the torture room, we didn’t do it for him.” What the hell kind of a God does something like that??

    “God is Love, Mercy, etc.”

    The Bible may SAY these things about God, but we tend to judge a person more by their actions than by their words. I challenge any Christian to find a single verse in all the Bible where God actually DEMONSTRATES being loving, merciful, and compassionate, some place where he doesn’t resort to violence or threats of violence to get what he wants, some place where he does something nice for people just because he wants to, expecting nothing in return. That’s what real love is about. That’s what it is to be merciful and kind. Not, “If you don’t obey my every whim and desire, I’m going to kill you!”

    “He heals us from the pain so we don’t have to look back for all eternity but can look forward. And it seems harsh, I know, but if your best friend died, I think you’d have to admit that there’s an appropriate mourning period but it can’t last forever.”

    Ah, but it WILL last forever, for you will know that there will be no end to the agony and suffering and burning of the ones you love. It is not like when your mom dies, you mourn for awhile and then move on because that’s how life is, and you know that you, too, will die someday so you’d better get on with living. No, it will be as if your mom was captured by the Nazis and kept alive in a concentration camp under horrible conditions, being raped and tortured, and you had to spend every moment of your life knowing she was there and there was nothing you could do to get her out. THAT is what heaven will be like. All the people you loved who weren’t Christians (or weren’t the right kind of Christians) will be in hell, suffering and burning and screaming, and there will be nothing you can do for them, ever. Not the least little thing. And you will know this, be fully aware of it, every single moment of every day for billions and billions of eons.

    The idea that God can just make you forget all about them as if they are of no consequence, is horrifying to me. Think about it, John! God, himself, regards those human lives as of so little importance that he is perfectly content to pretend they don’t exist, and that their suffering is deserved. I posit that you do not worship a god, but a demon, one who happily subjects humans to excruciating burning torture for all eternity, and then brainwashes gullible people into believing that hatred, revenge, and cruelty are equal to love. It is the greatest con job ever perpetrated upon humanity, and you fell for it.

  6. I agree with Lois completely! What kind of threat could any of us be to a god whom supposedly has control over everything that he has supposedly created all by himself, especially after we all are dead and have absolutely no control over anything that we do in another supposed realm?

    But I also know that any future comments to you and all other brainwashed christians, are mostly futile, because you most likely do not have the mental fortitude to go into the comment section and leave an intelligent response, you’re all too busy kissing jebus’ dead rotten ass!

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