The Gary Amirault files part 2!
I’ve been getting many requests not to let up on the Gary Amirault files, and boy were you people spot on. He’s hate mail GOLD! And if you’re anything like me you’ll hardly believe he’s for real, but there’s no denying the denial of Gary Amirault once you engulf yourself into his world just as he so eagerly invites us all to do.


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  1. Ah he’s a former alcoholic, now it all makes sense, it doesn’t matter if Jesus/God is true or not, he needs the fantasy to stay sober, thats quite sad.

    Why is it always “I used to be an alcoholic…then Jesus saved me” or “I used to be a drug addict…then Jesus saved me” or “I used to be an axe-murdering, puppy raping, kitten eating peadophile”…then Jesus saved me?

    Its never “I had a great life, everything going fine and dandy, wife, kids, nice house in paradise, good job, steady income, swimming pool….then I found Jesus”

    Its usually crazy people who need Jesus who “find” Jesus.

    And to any Christians reading this, F.Y.I…There ARE perfectly happy, successful, steady, balanced atheists out there, (just look at bob! 🙂 ) and no they do not have underlaying feelings of guild and no they do not so sinful things behind closed doors (all the time), nor do they have a “big Jesus shaped hole in their heart”
    Just happy, normal, day to day life people who just happen to be intellient enough to not believe in a deity and balanced enough to not need a supernatural fantasy being to get them through the day.

    Just go to Sweden, and you”ll see how happy and normal and friendly people can be, and how a beautiful culture can flourish, without a God.

  2. Guild = guilt
    so sinful things = do sinful things
    intellient = intelligent (i realise the irony in this)

    sorry – its been a long, busy, hot (yes hot, i live in NZ and its summer here) day 🙁

  3. +1 ROFL

    And to this I add that:

    I had a great life, everything going fine and dandy, wife, kids, nice house in paradise, good job, steady income, swimming pool…then I found Jesus…

    …really has the touch of genius. XD

  4. “When I was a super atheist, I used to dare God to kill me as I was trying to convince Christians their faith was in nothing.”

    This guy was never a True Atheist™. He was, and is, delusional, a liar, or a hypocrite — or all three. But, to simplify the matter, let’s just say he’s a typical fundy.

  5. I had a great life, everything going fine and dandy, no wife, no kids, a decent supply of groupies, nice house in paradise, good job, steady income, swimming pool….then I found Jesus.

    And he fucked it all up, that bastard!

  6. Hey Bob, this is a reply to your reply to my summary of Gary’s Part One emails that you posted on Part Two. The best hate mail for ages!

    Sorry it’s been a while, been busy lately. Love the photo you’ve used so please keep that one there!

    One thing more, just to balance out the ‘Jesus saved me from myself so he must be real’ tack. As you say, switched addictions. Cheech and Chong put it best in my view: “I was all messed up on drugs. Now, I’m all messed up on the Lord”.

    I’m late thirties. Two of my oldest friends became hopeless alcoholics in their twenties (one also fucked himself up with speed), both to the point that they were cut off by even their closest friends at times. Their recoveries involved things like anti-depressants, suicidal feelings, living in rehab/halfway houses. Years of struggle. They have both been on the wagon for some years now, back in touch with old friends, and recently socialising – even when with other people who are drinking. One is a great dad to a lovely daughter. They’ve always been atheists. THEY got themselves into a mess and then THEY got themselves out again.

    The point is that it comes from within. What a shame to give the credit to the invisible guy in the sky. I see my happiness as my personal responsibility. It’s some comfort when I’m down, and it makes me feel proud when I’m not; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Don’t you think Gary should start his own religion? He differs from scripture on at least one core issue; I note that even his brain can’t see what it wants to the extent that there is no eternal hell for non-believers in the Bible. I’m sure he’s working on it though.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. You know what I think? We’re all sort of saved by–and ruined by–PASSIONS. A passion can be drawing cartoons and making games and posting hate mail. A passion can be a religion, good (Subgenius), or bad (Christianity, etc). What renews our living brains, our enthusiasm, our Slack, our Bliss, our Dust (read Philip Pullman) is what makes us feel NEW again. I wonder if the same part of our brain is stimulated (pleasure center? or is it adrenaline) when we discover a passion or when we find a religion?

    Maybe it’s yes and no. Because a passion doesn’t always include the feeling of being spoken to or called from something transcendent. A passion is an activity where one feels that this is what one is SUPPOSED to be doing. The Temporal lobe tells us that something is PROFOUND. I find passions that are, as the Prophets of the Church of the Subgenius call them, “Temporary or Short-term personal saviors.” I don’t feel that my interests are transcendent or MEAN SOMETHING, a la Richard Dreyfus in “Close Encounters,” but I often feel that I’m “on to something,” and that I will learn something important that maybe most people don’t know. Usually, I learn that others don’t care, because they really need the discovery for themselves.

    But with religion, I think you get a little fast-food passion. The answer is staring you in the face, instead of being just over that hill there. I feel like, if I just read one more book about my subject, I’ll have cracked a code of some kind. With Christianity, you are “set free” from having to read anything to be satisfied.

    And maybe that’s the biggest difference between believers and atheists or science types. One values discovery of information, an ascension over another hill, while the other values the freedom from having to learn–they “get it” physically, not mentally. If you think you can understand a religion intellectually, you don’t get it. You’ll never get it unless you STOP thinking. This, to them, is a wonderful thing. And by the way, the Subgenius love to point this out.

  8. Brilliantly stated, Alleee and Aaron. I think this hate mail makes for yet *another* favorite of mine… Gary A’s confused and stupid obliviousness to any honest self-introspection about his own beliefs makes me quite happy to have chosen this side of the argument (and profoundly pity him in a way too). You’ve done it again, Bob!

  9. I must say though I do feel for Bob.
    This guys reluctance to listen and blatant ignoring of Bobs questions drives me up the wall!!
    Bob I don’t know how you deel with these fustrating people, and if I wore a hat, i’d take it off to you!

    And I think this guy has just switched addictions, he’s gone from an alcoholic to a Jesusaholic, i’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so irritating!

  10. It must surely feel good to self-elect one’s self to the position of disciple and apostle of the most powerful being to have ever been invented and endorsed by a bunch of uneducated sheep and goat herders around 2000 years ago, just imagine what a pseudo feeling of self-aggrandizement it is, while we are just lowly atheists without a belief in imaginary beings to lift us up into saintly status.

  11. Bob, it almost seems hopeless to continue trading words with this chap. He doesn’t seem to realize that he should be talking with you, not at you.

    So what’s all this about turning the other cheek and what not? Does that not apply to self-righteous asses who think they’re better than you? Because it sounds like Gary has done nothing but sling mud, if in an extremely annoying and roundabout way, since his lengthy orations began.

    Once again, religion has caused a man to think he is better than everyone else. I don’t know about you all, but I found myself looking at my watch while attempting to wade through the rivers of bullshit, seeking some useful point to it all. It seems that even a convincing parroting is nothing more than that, parroting.

  12. To quote from a classic Cheech and Chong sketch, “I used to be all messed up on drugs and alcohol, then I found the Lord. Now, I’m all messed up on the Lord.”

  13. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed to the point of mental exhaustion reading all of his poop. You’re going along and a couple of miles of text later, you’re like, “How much more of this poop is there!?” You scan ahead only to find AT LEAST 5 more miles of it. Bob’s comments were like an oasis in a desert of poop. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t take it anymore and went back to my WWII non-fiction book where some dude describes having to crawl on his belly through decomposing bodies and poop under heavy enemy fire in a torrential rain in the South Pacific.

  14. Poor Gary. He’s very earnest and sincere when he describes his epiphany. I don’t doubt for a second that he believes what he says to be true. It’s just unfortunate that he’s such a jerk. Get a sense of humour, Gary – dress-up dolls are rad and fun! Bob, I think you should do one of the Virgin Mary 🙂

  15. “Normalbob, 26 years ago I was VERY much like you. I was a Carl Sagan Atheist. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins would have been my cup of tea back then if I was into reading which I wasn’t.”

    That’s quite revealing. It would be quite hard to be a “Carl Sagan Atheist” and (hypothetically) into Hitchens, Harris and Dawkins without being into reading. It makes me wonder – how many previously Christian folks (like myself) have come to atheism without being into reading?

  16. dearest Gary [& other jesus followers]

    After reading your voluminous skubala, i have one major question for all of the hate mailers.

    If i tell you that i am an atheist or agnostic & that i believe that the bible is a book created by man and not some mystical truths dictated by God …

    Why the Hell do you try to convince me of your vapid point by quoting SCRIPTURE? duh!

    That’s all …

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