Surrounded by Hate Mail
Somebody pull the emergency break on this runaway train! The complaints and hate and pissed off people are outta control! Where do I begin?? Gary Amirault with his preachy ramblings left me no option but to add a part 2. And there’s a couple more letters added to Kip Trombley’s silliness, well worth a read. And of course there’s a WHOLE new page of hate mail for you hate mail addicts, with me playing catchup in the sidebar hoping I don’t forget anything of major importance. Let me know if that’s what happened.


7 thoughts on “Surrounded by Hate Mail”

  1. 3:16, God so loved the world and gave his only begotten son, that whomever believeth in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    Translation: God is such a great wonderful guy that he came down from the clouds and inseminated a young virgin girl, to have himself (disguised as god), murdered(sacrificed) to save people from their sins in order to save them from the hell that he himself created, but
    only if you will believe in him.

    What a guy that god…eh? It’s in the Bible!

    Seaonings Greetings, Bob!!

  2. That many hate mails and my mind shuts down. The stupidity flies from all sides. This, I am not used to. I am used to a few emails a week. Even then, I get to a point where I’m busy and do not want to deal. Now, if I had an actual page of these emails, that would be different.

    Maybe I’m losing brain cells in my old age, as disease and time ravage my organs and the drugs I take subvert the messages my neurons send. So I find myself reading one of these messages and not remembering a word that was written. I try again. Nothing.

    If this is their idea of Fishing (Phishing?) for Men, they’re doing it wrong. Which makes me suspect they have no intention of saving you or anyone else. If that’s not a False Scotsman–I mean, Christian, I don’t know what is. They should be Subgenii, since they savor their hate and love nothing more than the idea of you getting sodomized by a demon with a red-hot iron poker. That’s perverted, and I can respect that. Unfortunately, the Subgenii are currently at War with “God,” and that might scare those little pussies away, “Bob” bless ’em. Think of the money they waste tithing to their churches (yeah, right) when all they need to do to be Ruptured is to send thirty dollars to “Bob.” Then they can praise Jesus and yell at atheists all they want. When “Bob” said thirty dollars, he meant it until the price goes up. And “Bob” will give them 90 bucks if they end up in hell (and sell ’em a 90 dollar pamphlet afterwards).

    That’s all I can offer. “Bob” can be abused, mocked, parodied and satired, nailed to a board, assassinated as many times as you want, and you can still get on the Pleasure Saucers. Now you tell me which religion is best? “Bob” is only human, yet those kind of insults, like dressup games, don’t phase him. If Jesus is worth his poop-stained loincloth, he won’t care a bit about your magnets. In fact, he’d get some of his own and play with them and praise your work. All the while his fanclub is clawing and yapping and crying and mashing away at computer keypads about how persecuted they are. Maybe they deserve it.

  3. It amuses me when Christians claim they’re so persecuted. Because they’re forever being rounded up and killed for their beliefs… Ridiculous.

    No, they’re not oppressed. WE are oppressed by THEM! It’s time to stand up and fight these evil bastards. Of course I realize that not all of them are evil bastards. Just the psychotic fundamentalist Nazis who insist on violating everyone’s civil rights because a book written by primitive cavemen who thought lightning was magic said so.

    Words cannot describe how much I hate the fundamentalist Nazis. I really, really hate them. Literal hate. The kind of hate that burns deep within my bones.

  4. The hate mail is why I come here! Yeah, the Union Square freakshow report is fun, but as I don’t live in NYC (or visit much) it is somewhat lost on me. (Plus, I secretly fear that if we ever do a tour of NYC, and happen by the square, my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter and I will end up on Bob’s pages being mocked by him as quintessential Griswalds! )

    But hate … yeah, that resonates with me. Give us that hate, Bob! All you can shovel at us!

  5. Alas! The grand finale! Such a pity it was so predictably short-falling of Gary’s promises. Especially after all the patience I invested in Gary’s suspenseful build up… oh well. At this point [and this is a good thing], I’m no longer surprised at all. It’s like a scientific theory that stands up to one test after another without being disproven, so goes an Atheist’s upper hand in any argument with a Christian (or any religion). Again, makes me thankful to be on this side as I hate looking like a fool on a regular basis.

  6. Poor little christians are finding out we are becoming a society that won’t let them have their own way, like they have been used to getting for the past couple of thousand years of religiously inspired deranged hate-dressed-as-compassion existence of compartmentalised critical thought faculty.

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