3 thoughts on “The Carolyn Franks files, Part 2!”

  1. The next time someone says that God created us out of love, ask them to point out to you which scripture says this. In the entire creation story in Genesis, there is no mention of God creating anything or anyone out of love. God created Adam because he needed a groundskeeper to mind the garden. (I guess because there were no illegal Mexicans yet.) He created Eve to be Adam’s helper. That is all. Where is love mentioned in this idiotic story at all?

  2. Wait a minute! God sends people to hell because they do not believe he sent his only begotten son to earth to die for our sins? Because he loves us??? What kind of fucking god is that, Carolyn? Sounds like a man made god doesn’t it, Carolyn? Don’t you realize that the people who wrote the bible had no formal education? They were goat and sheep herders, do we allow goat and sheep herders run the country and write our books? Neither a god nor a jesus wrote one word of the bible! Why not, were they in some way, inept?

    Sorry Carolyn, but you have been lied to, and not only you, but millions and millions have been lied to, the bible and all religions are the biggest hoax ever devised by men to control your mind and your money.

    Carolyn you have been duped and taken for a fool and millions have also been duped, you think just because millions of others have been easily duped, that you yourself cannot be fooled, but you have been.

    It’s called willful ignorance and self deception, because you long so much for those lies to be true. You prefer lies over truth, because you are not being honest with yourself, you are trying to believe in a delusional lie.

    There is no such thing as saints, angels, demons, miracles, good spirits, evil spirits, resurrections, god, jesus, satan, these are fabrications of delusional uneducated and superstitious men. Most likely gay men, at that, written down looking for a way to be saved from their inner guilt, the one’s you’re calling, saints.

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