Drooling Baptist interviews me at Union Square South

Yesterday evening, after the day-long rain stopped, I went to Union Square where TONS of Christians were preaching. This one, “John the Baptist” had been shown one of my God Is Fake pamphlets and asked if he could interview me for the radio show he was broadcasting from the park. Of course I accepted.

You’ll notice he chose to interview me not by standing in front of me or sitting beside me, but looming over me while I sat back on the steps, elbows rested on the step behind me. This positioning led to drool from him plopping onto my camera lens halfway through the interview. Enjoy!

Tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Drooling Baptist interviews me at Union Square South”

  1. Really loved it!! Great interview. Fight the fools logic.
    A fan for years now and you still inspire people to speak their mind. Thank you Bob

  2. Bob,

    have you any idea how blessed you are to be sprinkled by the Holy Drool?
    Now all you have to do is to ponder the path of everlasting righteousness. Nicely Done Sir!

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