Thanksgiving is for Thanking Hate mailers
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who participated in getting this page of hate mail to you in time for the holiday! And special thanks to anyone who participates in the Grand Opening of the Normal Bob Smith Store just in time for Black Monday Mania! See more on this brand new page of hate mail.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is for Thanking Hate mailers”

  1. I get a feeling that no other comment page is going to reach quite the same bulk as the previous one 😉

  2. what i want to know…why jews celebrate thankgiving?? would it be against Halacha not to??
    i eat…on that day…but normally in the past we watched football…drank alot…fuckin pigged out,
    and started fighting.

  3. Laughed at the inverted hangar design of your new logo.

    Most fiscally conservative Republicans that if they acted in self interest, not only would they greenlight free abortions, they would offer free limo service and a new iPhone 6 to anyone who got one…. and if they believed their own hype, they’d offer $1,000 bonuses to all illegal aliens.

    Think of the money you guys would save?

  4. i have a request.. Bob do a sheeple of me..

    pick any qoute you want… you already have my likeness..
    i know i’m going to regret it, but… what the hell… he’s an artist and it’s free… he’s like van gogh or something, modern day… this is history, it’s all history…

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