4 thoughts on “Strangers from Occupy Wall Street”

  1. It had it’s run…the whole wallstreet thing…it was a test of the emergency brain washed system…
    what would happen if thousands/millions of humans were gathered together?…for months?….
    watching their own brothers and sisters being pulled off the streets,beaten by police and not
    one person fires a shot?? not 1 cop is beaten or killed….then by god they have us MIND FUCKED.
    50 years ago people would have brought guns…there would have been a people state,the police
    would be backing the protests…kinda funny, the police are just as brain washed…as they sit
    there day in and day out…with their fake power postures,and their commands, “get back!” get back!!”….says the little fat man protected by a women’s plastic helmit (poor guy!!)(poor cop,rather)
    these are sad times people.
    i just wish KING KONG was real, so he could jack off, all over Occupy wallstreet, cops and protestors alike…covered in steaming hot KONG cum.

  2. and yes…KING KONG would do it for free.

    as obscene as my comments may seem,thats what Occupy wallstreet has become.
    A drugged out rape fest. The police are subject to this test aswell…they too will sit
    there and do nothing when the new government soldiers come to their homes to take away
    their guns…their rights…their freedom. they chant..”the whole world is watching”…
    when they should be chanting…”the whole world does nothing”…
    but hey,,,how is that dusty guy doing??

  3. Girl in the pirate bikini suffers a port wine stain birthmark at left temple.

    She is likely unaware this particular type of birthmark is easily treated with a Yag laser.

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