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2015 Resolutions

Sasha Janegs Union Square NYC
Sasha poses Hunter S. Thompson style at the Square

I’ve made a New Years resolution that I plan to actually come through on this year! That resolution is to learn the essential knowledge necessary to update the site. To make this happen I’ve gotten a Lynda.com membership so that I can teach myself WordPress to a greater extent, and other valuable skills so I can stop looking so goddamned dated online! Lynda Weinman’s book on Dreamweaver is what I used to first learn that program back in 2000 to build JesusDressup.com! I’m hoping to bring everything that’s at normalbobsmith.com either to here, or archiving what’s no longer being updated. It’s time. I know this. So I’m thinking. parts like Super Chics, hate mail,  Sheeples, etc (which have all fallen to the wayside) will be archived, while Amazing Strangers, Jesus Dress Up, the store, etc (which keep expanding) will take center stage. Simplify!

TrueStoryASA vs Joey Boots & Normal Bob

Joey Boots from 2014 Matchgame Postcard
Joey Boots drawing from the Union Square Matchgame postcard

So what else is new? Well, one thing that’s happening is TrueStoryASA keeps striking & deleting videos of mine that they appear in! And about a week or so ago they threatened getting lawyers on me if I continue to oppose their strikes.

“our next step would have to be legal action from our end”

You can read more about this on Reddit. This might be a good place to also tell you that I’ve opened a Reddit account and I’ve been really impressed with the traffic results it’s bringing in. I plan on posting updates there, as well as things like favorite videos & photos from years ago, related news, and whatever else. It’s also the ideal place to ask any questions you may have about anything related to the site.

Amazing Strangers & Reddit

creepy photographer with boy's underwear
A stranger who was taking pictures of me while holding his camera with a pair of boy’s underwear

Amazing Strangers 2015 Year In Review has been posted which means there’s little else going on at the Square now that winter has stomped its brutally cold foot down there. That doesn’t mean though that there’ll be no more videos until spring. Shaggy and I frequently meet up at Starbucks this time of year, so you can bet if something’s going down there I’ll try to record it. And there’s been some funny shit I’ve caught happen there before!

And btw, if you’ve been wanting to get more interactive with the videos and the site in general, Reddit’s the place to do that at. I check it frequently and am more than happy to respond to questions and/or encourage posts that have to do with my site, Union Square, or whatever else you might have to say about what’s been going on here.

For now that’s about it. It’s about 6 degrees where I’m at right now, so I’m chillin’ out in front of my online tutorial learnin’ stuff.