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The hate mail files of Tracy Hargett

I know that before yesterday’s page I’d been shortchanging you all on your deserved Hate Mail for the week! So here’s another chunky back-n-forth to make up for that. The files of Tracy Hargett are sure to put a smile on your face! And thank you Free Radicals for their participation as well.

“I went to the website that sells [your Dress Up Jesus] and asked them to quit selling them.”

Subject: “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

My name is Tracy Hargett

I am a devout Catholic and have been for many years.  I saw a picture of one of your “Dress Up Jesus” magnets on Facebook and was completely appalled.  I went to the website that sells them and asked them to quit selling them (Free Radicals, a store in Albuquerque).  I then went to your website b/c of a comment that someone else left on the photo.  It turns out that you have been turning out this garbage since 1999, over 10 years.  Don’t you think it’s time to give it a rest?  Don’t you think it’s time to give YOURSELF a rest?  You look like a fairly young guy from the photos.  Turn things around for yourself NOW before it’s too late and you really ARE in Hell.  You seem to think that Hell is no big deal and Heaven is overrated.  I can tell you that according to several accounts of the Saints that the reverse is true, at least about Heaven.  Heaven is underrated and Hell is an eternity of misery that no human being could stand for 5 minutes if they were alive.  The devil is not your friend.  In fact, the devil HATES you.  He laughs at you as you go around telling people that God is Fake.

I’m going to level with you.  Are there times that I am not happy with God?  Sure, here lately, every day since I am poor and have a hard life right now.  Do I trust that this suffering that I endure is for the greater good and that “my reward will be great in Heaven?”  Absolutely!  It seems to me that you are a good businessman.  There is nothing wrong with that!  Just make your money without blaspheming Our Loud and Savior in the process.  Sell bicycles, Start a coffee house, Open an office supply store.  The possibilities are endless!  And all the while, you don’t have to insult Jesus, and in fact you will have MORE CUSTOMERS because you will win over all the Christians.  (There are more of us than there are of you.  Hate to break it to ya.)

I need to go.  I will go to Mass tonight and pray for you.

Tracy Hargett

Wilmington, NC

You know, I wake up to an email like yours this morning and it reminds me how lucky I truly am. For me to be able to wake up when I want, be my own boss, draw pictures for a living while at the same time able to express myself in so many different ways, I can’t believe I actually made this happen. My plan worked!

And what was the plan? Well, first off, DO NOT listen to what other people tell me will make me happy. Especially if those people aren’t happy! People LOVE to spread around the bad ideas they’ve thoughtlessly committed their lives to. “Get married, have babies, open an office supply store, commit to something that’ll last a lifetime, worship this god and bet all your chips on eternal paradise in the grave!”

Not succumbing to the constant pokes and prods of unhappy, struggling people and instead examining myself to see what I want made all this possible. Someone like Tracy hears that and thinks this means diving into a pool of irresponsibility until I’m penniless, hooked on crack & covered in STD’s. Of course staying sane and putting real serious thought into it is key. And that’s just what I did, and I’m doing something I adore!

I get a terrific joy skipping away from someone who’s draped themselves in chains and is begging me to do the same. It’s been over ten years now and I’m free of all that. If talking to yourself during mass and counting on heaven helps you bear your life, more power to ya. Keep at it. But I’m fine, no matter how much you wish I wasn’t.



Well okay, if you like to draw then DRAW SOMETHING ELSE.  If you want to be your own boss and get up whenever, then there is nobody telling you that you cannot do that.  You don’t want a marriage and children?  Then don’t do it.  All I’m telling you, and all that ANYONE has ever TRIED to tell you (I saw photos of the protests.) is to LEAVE JESUS ALONE.  If you don’t want anything to do with Jesus then, unfortunately, that is your perrogative, albeit a BAD one.  You do not have to go around telling people what a bad person Jesus is (and He is NOT!) and telling people what a great person Satan is (which you are DEAD, **DEAD** wrong!!)

You like the dress up kits?  Do something ORIGINAL and make up your own character like Labyrinth the Troll and dress HIM up.  It would be funny!  Think about all the money the Harry Potter movies have made and they are filled with fictional creatures.  I know what you are thinking – the Harry Potter movies and LOADED with witchcraft.  Fine and true, and the few times my daughter watched them I said that all those monsters were fake and that kind of thing (magic, levitation) could never happen in real life.  AND — None of the Harry Potter movies make a point to insult Jesus DIRECTLY as YOU DO.  If they did, my daughter would have never watched a SINGLE ONE.

You can make a living and be your own man without insulting Jesus.  You have NO excuses to the contrary.

Tracy Hargett

Wow Tracy, you are such a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Someone who’s so committed to their fears ruling every decision that reasoning and commonsense don’t even come into consideration anymore. You’re a stranger begging me to alter my life and gear everything I do towards the rumors you’ve been told of what comes after the grave. Rumors you’ve got not a clue if they’re true or not, and admittedly written by men! Human beings who have no more knowledge of what if anything lies after the grave than you or I.

And once again, you’re a perfect example of someone I’m elated I get to walk away from not having to bow to anything you’re trying to terrorize me into. This may come as a shock to you, Tracy, but I do not fall victim to each and every panic stricken fundie waving a god over their head. You can shake your chains all you want but to me this is clearly your problem. Not mine. Leave me out of your complete submission to fear. Jesus is make-believe. And worshipping make-believe is bad, not good. A perfectly reasonable excuse to the contrary.

You’re contacting stores trying to destroy my business based on myths you believe about a dead guy rising from the grave and flying into the sky without wings. Doing away with such unreason is another perfect excuse to the contrary.


“I wash my hands of you.”


I wash my hands of you. Whatever penalty you receive is all yours. I will bother you no more.

Tracy Hargett

As well as whatever rewards I receive are also mine. While your penalties are yours. Not Jesus’. Yours!

Lambasting scapegoats is yet another constructive excuse to the contrary.  Plus it sounds delicious!


“Seeing as how Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Peter, My Guardian Angel, Pope Benedict the 16th, Father Burke, Sr. Isaac, St. Lucy, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Augustine, Sr. Faustina, my daughter and I are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE…”

Seeing as how Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Peter, My Guardian Angel, Pope Benedict the 16th, my good friend Father Burke, Sr. Isaac, St. Lucy (my confirmation saint), St. Michael the Archangel, St. Augustine, Sr. Faustina, my daughter, and I are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE in terms of spirituality and what is right and what is wrong, I’m going to guess that my penalties are going to be A LOT FEWER than yours. The rewards in this life are nice, but THIS LIFE WILL END. And then what? Hell? I think not, if Jesus my Savior and I have anything to do with it.

My goal while here is to serve as many people as I can (and God, of course) hoping that in doing so I will spend an minimal amount of time in Purgatory and then an Eternity with all the Angels and Saints in Heaven singing hymns of praise and praying for those who still struggle to get by on Earth. I think this is a little bit better goal than making all the money you possibly can and offending every Christian who crosses your path.

Yeah, Bob – enjoy what you got here. Unless you change, I have a feeling that it is the only JOY you will ever have. And you know what? That’s really sad.

Tracy Hargett

You said “an minimal.” I believe before a word beginning with a consonant it’s supposed to be “a”. So it’s “hoping that in doing so I will spend a minimal amount of time in Purgatory.” 

“An” is strictly before words that begin with a vowel.

I used to mess that up all the time too, but now when I see it it stands out like a sore thumb.

Just trying to help.