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The Files of Jeanine

Here’s another page of hate mail, and in the left side bar the story of me finally getting to meet Penn Jillette.

 The Files of Jeanine

“There is something desperately wrong with you.”

Subject: Its sad because

There is something desperately wrong with you.


Lemme guess. Jesus.Bob
“there’s more?”

So there’s more?


Yes. Without Jesus is actually more moral & healthier. Pretending an innocent can pay the price for someone else’s wrongs is not justice. It’s crime. And thinking there’s a better world in the grave deludes the importance of this one.That’s two.

There’s way more.

Let me know if you need others.

Normal Bob

“mockery of him is a reflection of whats going on with you internally”

Hi Bob,

Actually, I was asking if you had more websites since you weren’t sure which one i was referring to. I can understand your not wanting Jesus, but to attempt a mockery of him is a reflection of whats going on with you internally; that you are bringing out externally. Usually if one feels their life is better off without something then they leave it behind. Although, you say its moral and healthier without Jesus, you make a website to offend knowing that you will attract Christians to it.

Once again this is an internal battle you are manifesting externally. You say one thing but your actions are clearly another.

Where do you “personally” believe you are going after you die? I find you a little hurt but interesting.

Absolutely not.I could see leaving it behind if it had no effect on my life once it was abandon. If Jesus, Christianity & the Bible never reared their ugly heads into my daily life in the USA I would agree with you whole-heartedly. If I was an ex snake handler I could simply walk on my merry way and never look back. Same with if I were an ex Voodoo Doctor, Raelian or Heaven’s Gater. I’d never have to listen to their beliefs being preached at me by strangers, referenced to alter Science, or pried into the laws I’m required to follow. Christianity however isn’t so modest. Thus it is necessary to stand my ground, defend, and sometimes offend to live as an atheist in today’s society.

Much of what I do is providing a landing spot for others who also feel surrounded by a cult that’s constantly attempting to scare, threaten or seduce them and their loved ones. I’ve found that in the last 12 years that I’ve been working on this site, there are thousands upon thousands of people who feel the same way I do.

Where do I think we go after we die? My guess is that it’s the exact same place we were before we were born. I think it’s that simple, and all the other projections are wishful thinking. Why, what do you believe?

I appreciate your interest in what I do!


“To stand your ground and live your life as an atheist isn’t difficult.”

But Bob… The things that you say you despise, don’t believe in, and reject, are the same things you go out of your way to attract and build your life around. The jesusdressup website is there not so much for those who want to dress up Jesus, but more to offend those who don’t.

When one googles “Jesus” there is your website on the first page. The majority of the masses who look up “Jesus” on the internet are doing so to seek solace and knowledge about Christ. So its sort of like one being on their way to church and you erect your website in the path and then complain that you have to defend and argue all day every day with Christians.

To stand your ground and live your life as an atheist isn’t difficult. That is one of your unalienable rights of living in the USA. People for the most part just want to go along peacefully. Live and let live. But to publicly desecrate and mock Christ in a country where about 75% of its people are Christian is viewed as a personal attack. So why do it? The reason is always deeper than the obvious.

Atheism as you know is the rejection in the belief of deities. But I don’t believe you are a true atheist. There is too much energy there, albeit negative energy.

My girlfriend Marilyn is atheist. Last year her boyfriend committed suicide while she was caring for her sick father, and two weeks later her father passed away. Her life was and still is devastated. She prayed to God asking why, asking for help, no answers came that healed her, so now she hates God and is an atheist.

She attacks me because I do believe. (My older brother was killed a week before her boyfriend died.) God didn’t give me the answers I sought either. She is filled with hate and hurt and is going full force away from God. She has new atheist friends and that’s where she obtains her comfort from.

I’ve seen this more than a few times. True deep devastation in ones life, a call out to Christ with no answer, and then a turn away because they feel abandoned. The surface is masked with many different faces but the wound once uncovered is usually the same. These are the people I feel you also attract to your site under the guise of being atheist. The internal/external struggle and a wound which never properly healed.

So where do I feel I go or what happens when I die? Well, I believe there is an afterlife. Everything is energy so when one dies the energy doesn’t die it just changes form. The body is only there to enclose / house the spirit of each of us. Without the soul / our spirit,  the body is empty. We just get use to looking at the body and contribute that solely to the person, so when one dies there is enormous grief for us left on Earth. But the spirit of the person lives on and moves on to a different realm, that obviously we cant access until we die. Ok. There is much more to write but I’m off to the gym. Have a great night Bob. : )


Whoa whoa, Jeanine. First off, you can’t hold me responsible for Google results. As much as I wish I had that kind of control, Google decides its search results without any consideration to my wants & needs. I believe it’s that high because of the popularity of the site, and the length of time it’s existed (over 12 years). Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that my rating is high, but I have zero control over what Google does. It’s really on the first page of a “Jesus” search? I honestly thought that my run with that ended years ago. *blushes*I feel for anyone who’s lost a loved one and I understand that some find comfort in believing they continue to live forever in paradise. That want does not bewilder me. However, it also doesn’t sway me in the least to believing it’s true. And considering you can’t have heaven without hell, I could easily give you several very convincing reasons why it’s not comforting in the least, but I’ll move on.

If you have a friend who claims to be an atheist but also hates God, that person is not an atheist. This is a common misconception about atheists that I hear from believers. Preachers & pastors love to explain atheism as a hatred of God, like actually not believing doesn’t happen. Saying atheists hate God incorrectly defines their atheism, subsequently severing a path of communication you might hope to have with them. I assure you, Jeanine, my belief in God is identical to my belief in Darth Vader. I don’t hate either because they are both made up characters. Anything you might ascribe to hate in my writing or art comes entirely from my hatred of its teachings.

I’ve no doubt built a life around countering a belief I find harmful. Everyone should spend their time so fully, in my opinion. And I hope that people searching for solace in Jesus stumble across my sites and find a less imaginary way to deal with the serious issues of life, living and death. In my opinion people really have to go out of their way to avoid stumbling across someone offering the Jesus solution, so you shouldn’t worry about all that much.

I don’t think we are the least bit empty without Jesus or pretending we’re an everlasting spirit in a physical body. In fact I don’t see how believing there’s an everlasting life in paradise in the afterlife doesn’t make this one seem less, not more.

I hope I’m answering your questions enough so that at the very least you understand where I’m coming from.