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“Bob Smith USA” NYC Premier

normal bob smith & insectavora
Normal Bob & Insectavora at Odessa following the Bob Smith USA Premier

So last night was the NYC premier of Bob Smith USA and it was great! I’d say that about 60 to 70 people showed up, which is great for a rainy Tuesday evening following the holidays. And it was a crazy collection of people. Geoffrey & Jason Blank (the NO POLICE STATE brothers from Union Square), Amber Ray and her colorful bunch of burlesque cuties, to Cony Island Freak Show celebrity Insectavora (Google her)! Christ she’s a funkin’ living doll. And Venessa, Colyn, all my friends made it, and quite a few people who I didn’t know. Even had a couple people there who were writing for small magazines and such. I was just happy to see everyone laughing and enjoying themselves through it all. It was the best. And strange, having all those people I know watching me up there, meeting my mother on the screen!

Drunkenly flirting with Insectavora after ego-boosting movie premier
Drunkenly flirting with Insectavora after ego-boosting movie premier

Then Two Boots threw a Beer & Pizza party afterwards for everybody downstairs. I had several beers, but was happy to find myself around so many friends, and pizza, and beer. Christ, I’d love it if Two Boots would show it again. I know word of mouth could sell out the next showing. Okay, enough rambling about how much I enjoyed myself last night. Now I need to find some way to catch up on the sleep.