From Union to Wall Street, Amazing Strangers
For the first time Amazing Strangers doesn’t have to stop for winter. Union Square has found a place to relocate through the cold! And I look forward to bringing it all to you as best I can. But don’t think that lets Union off the hook! I’m there too. For all of you.


2 thoughts on “From Union to Wall Street, Amazing Strangers”

  1. It’s hard to believe this is going on as long as it has…the footage and scenarios seem like the end of the world…(good job man, with the filming and questions that you ask.)
    i agree that it shouldn’t turn into a woodstock…helping homeless people is one thing,aiding
    and sheltering rapists, or drug dealers is another, darkerside to this protest..the rolling stones should host an event…they can hire the hells angels to do security…wouldn’t that be something.
    “don’t be that guy he says”…sounds like a guy that likes to start shit…? people have black eyes
    from fighting eachother???!!! WTF man….I’d say the protest is over…when ppl act like that,it’s
    time to pack up the port-a-potty and head for the nearest I-HOP…back to the miserable reality
    that they somehow tried to alter…I don’t know…I think Linda Blair said it best when she said,
    “Let jesus fuck you”,let him fuck you”…and yes,
    it has everything to do with wall street.

  2. Bob, some of these people obviously need medical help transitioning from lives of 24/7 addiction, begging on the streets, to longer healthier, and happier lives.

    I don’t want to donate to Occupy Wall Street (just goes in the pockets of the labor unions), and I don’t want to give anyone cash (just goes in the pockets of the drug dealers), is there a free medical center or drug abuse center nearby to Union Square you could recommend?

    Thank you.

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