4 thoughts on “Plethora of Hate Mail”

  1. Mr. Smith,
    Love your site. I had a friend who, unlike me, loved to argue with christians. He was logical and intelligent and loved to do the New York Times crossword. He was facing a prison term and the closer to judgement day he came, the more wacko he became. I think it’s a case of ‘no atheists in foxholes’. I was greatly disheartened by his metamorphosis but it made it more clear to me that desperate people will latch onto anything that gives them hope. Pascal’s wager comes to mind, but I digress.
    I don’t like to argue with christians because it is an exercise in futility. They don’t need or desire reason or logic to explain their side. Faith, after all, is their panacea. Thus, if Faith is the reason, then logic has no merit to them. This is just frustrating to me. You seem to be having fun with it though, so I’ll just turn my christian friends onto your web site in response to them forwarding me all those cute little christian links.
    Have a Blessed day, Mark

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