Hate Mail pg 435 now the Sarah Innes files

Once again, a regular page of hate mail is bowled over by an unrelenting letter-writer forcing me to dedicate a whole page to her. Now Hate Mail pg 435 is the Sarah Innes files! Check her out, and also there’s a new Q&A fan latter in the left sidebar, so it’s definitely a page worth revisiting.

03/13/10 More letters added to the Sarah Innes files.


7 thoughts on “Hate Mail pg 435 now the Sarah Innes files”

  1. i get a kick out of hearing about the spiritual awakenings leading to deeper beliefs in their religious upbringings… mine, led me away from it…. lordy lordy! thanks Bob!


  2. “it felt like my heart had been set on fire- but for God!”

    That’s heartburn, love. Take a Rennie.

  3. Quick!!…someone call the Fire Dept….”MY HEART IS ON FIRE FOR JEEBUS!!!”…WAIT!!….it’s just the Holy Spirit playing with matches! Now god is speaking to my heart and he’s tuggin on my heart strings… now it’s weeping for Baby Jebus…now my heart is wilting….now it’s jumping for joy…now my heart is exploding with happiness…want you surrender your heart to god and jebus today? My heart goes out to all you xtians….duh?

    Why is it that we must seek and look and hunt for god? Where the hell is he hiding? God, the creator of the whole universe, and we must seek him??? Oh I know, we must seek him with all our heart…yeah that’s it!!!

  4. This was my favourite page of hate mail in a long while, (and the first one that I’ve ever bothered commenting on).
    I like the way you’re pushing her, bob. I was once at that stage too and I can see the truth just waiting to hit her
    Hopefully it will someday soon.

  5. What’s really funny is the fact that you all send emails to someone dressed as a devil that comes from religion, cults etc. . You’ve just picked an aspect of what you hate and you’ve made it your own.

  6. Bob,
    She wants to be an Athiest, you can tell. You might free her Bob!
    If we could just get her to listen to Slayer’s ‘Cult’, that would cure her!

    Beware the cult of purity;
    Infectious imbecillity;
    I’ve made my choice;

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