5 thoughts on “Jan 8th, 2009”

  1. How come the Holy Spirit can’t teach Christians to spell correctly and use proper grammar?

  2. They are so fiercely angry with what they see, their hands begin to shake as they approach to their computer, they type faster than I **********, and God believe me I do it pretty fast. So people, hate us more, hate me, because I say God does not exist, or ask for my email, I’ll send you my picture, so you can meet me one day, and kill me, or you can email it to god and he will do the job himself.
    Peace peas lovers

  3. “If you do even half the damage to my site as you do to the English language I’m
    really in for a brutal disfiguring.”

    Dear sir. This made me snort yogurt up my nose. You should not be permitted to be this funny while I am eating yogurt at my desk. If you plan on using humor, I’ll refer you to Ms. Lee Holloway, my secretary, to avoid any yogurt eating scheduling conflicts in the future.

    Or, I could just stop eating yogurt while reading your excellent comic.

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