Hate mail’s way too much fun for me.

I know there may have been a time many pages ago when I sounded like I was bitching about the hate mail & frustrated with stupid people. But that moment was very very brief and mostly related to a food poisoning incident which has completely passed through me now. Have no doubt that my life’s blood is other people’s hatred and complaints, and without it I would shrink into a useless mound of sludge on a folding chair. That said, I bring you more Judgey Stupid People Complaining.


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  1. Regarding Amber’s question as to how we got here: When I got to Albuquerque I turned left.

  2. +1 Hilarious points for ‘Dune’ reference to Muad’Dib and Jesus Christ. Not sure what it was implying exactly, but it was a hilarious comparison nonetheless. 🙂

  3. ARRGH! My mom pulled this same fun thing on me while watching some lousy B-movie–that really bad Pinnochio one. The main character is talking with a priest about her daughter’s demon-possessed toy and they explicitly suggest that people in psych wards aren’t crazy, but are seeing some “truth” that those mean ol’ sciencey intellectuals are just too arrogant and “prejudiced” to accept. Naturally my mother thought that concept was compelling and from there started using that argument on me as if it were true.

    So I suggested that if it were true, then she has no reason to have a problem with my crazy uncle who thinks the mafia and little green men are trying to get him and hears scary things all the time and really needs to be committed. Perhaps my despised uncle is just seeing some greater truth that she and I are just too mean and sciencey and arrogant to accept. If she just opened her heart and stopped being so darn prejudiced, she’d learn how wrong she was about the voices and little green men and how she and my dad ruined his entire life.

    In a surprising and uncharacteristic act of consistency and fairness, she never tried that one on me again. That was sweet. 🙂

  4. Wow!! Amber is 17? That really threw me for a loop as well Bob, I too thought she was a child as I was reading her letter. Not to mention all of the horrible errors in spelling and bad grammar too. Her reasons for believing were quite typical of those that are blinded by madame faith lol. Hopefully she will wake up and find her way back home from wonderland.

  5. Yeah, I love to read the hate mail, especially the way they come out as “Jesus loves you Bob!”, then Jesus suddenly becomes vengeful and sends all the non-believers to burn in hell!! Is that true love?

    What kind of religion is that?

    Sounds like a phony ignorant man-made religion doesn’t it?

  6. Hey man my name is Joshua,forgive me if I can’t spell good. Or if I Han e run on sentences I’m not very smart. It is very hurtful to see the one thing that ever give you hope and joy,be mad fun of. I know you don’t belive in Jesus many don’t. But many do… it was the only thing that saved my life. I would be dead if it wasn’t for Jesus. It can’t be explained I know what I felt laying on a table about to die. I knew I was going to he’ll and there was nothing I could do about it. I was laying there in my mind I knew there was a heaven and he’ll God and satan I knew and I was going to he’ll. But I didn’t I lived man, I mad my mind up I was going to give God my life and when I did I can’t tell you the gelling that come over me it can’t be described it better than any drug you could amagin . I know what I felt was real realer than anything this would has ever ordered me. There is a god that loves me and you so much he gal e his self as a living sacrifice so we could be with him for ever in glory I know it sounds stupid like something in fairy land but so does evalution . There is something out there man I’ve felt it, it was the best high ever and I was solber. I hope I mad since to you, and I ask you of one favor, please remove that dress up Jesus. If you dont belive please man it hurts to see that I know there are crazy christians who say bad things to you they don’t deserve to be called Christians a true Christian wouldn’t put you down they lift you up like Christ would. Anyway I hope you have a good day or night hope I didn’t affend you sorry for my typn lol. P.s. I love you man so does Jesus

  7. I smell a troll…

    But, just in the off case that Joshua is for reals; Josh, I’m sure there were a hundred other folks who were in the same position as you (getting saved/operated on or whatever) and went through the same last-ditch effort mental gymnastics of converting right before death. Betcha a lot of ’em died anyways, even though they prayed just as much (if not harder) than you did. Somehow (likely because of this magical force called modern medicine) you survived. Ever stop to think of why your deity chose you instead of them? Besides, if he chose you not to survive, wouldn’t you be better off in heaven anyway? By letting you survive, your god allows you to still run the risk of being cast into hell for all eternity with your sinful browsing of atheist websites!

    Such obvious stuff, hence the reason I dub thee ‘troll’… good luck in getting a rise out of folks elsewhere on the interwebs if my hunch be true.

  8. If Amber is indeed 17 years old, then I truly feel sorry for the future of America. Even 17-year-olds should be able to write better than that.

    And again, why is it that Christians think that all they have to say is “Jesus loves you” and we’ll automatically drop to our knees and start begging God for forgiveness? To me it’s no different from someone saying, “Bigfoot loves you.”

    As to Joshua above, if you’re talking about something like a near-death experience, lots of people have them on the operating table. But you know what? Just about all accounts were from people whose heart stopped beating while under anesthesia. In other words, it’s most likely the medicine making people’s minds loopy which makes them think they’re traveling down a tunnel to meet Jesus. And here’s the kicker: NDE’s must all be in the minds of people because no two accounts are exactly alike. You’d think if they really were dying and going to heaven for a short time, everyone would have the exact same experience.

  9. I thought Amber was 12 at the most. Even more disturbing than her religion is the fact that, at 17, she has the writing and debating skills of a child of 12 or younger. Did she sleep through all of her English classes? I hope she’s not planning on going to college. Well, unless it’s a Bible college. I’m sure they’ll be glad to take her.

  10. While just catching up on some missed hate mail, I came across Amber’s darling little message (they’re so sweet when they’re that age). What leapt out at me most of all is her comment, “i just didnt like the blasphomouse game you created.”

    Suddenly, more than anything else in this world, I want a blasphomouse! My computer will be forever incomplete – and at risk of salvation – until such an item exists. Perhaps a little cross-shaped number where you click with the left and right nails and use the halo as a scroll wheel? Oh, the possibilities!

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