7 thoughts on “Hate Mail, lots more of the usual”

  1. You haters, nobs, retards etc.who email Normal Bob, come on people, get a grip! Show some fortitude in the face of adversity. Bob says you are not responding to his answers. What are you? Spineless fools? Anyone would think you’d seen the error of your ways and come to realize how gullible you actually are. I don’t believe that for a second. I know a lot of you are probably fuming about so easily being bested by Bob’s perfectly reasonable answers to your dimwittery and are dying to counter attack with your own brand of vitriolic numskullery. I know you believers in the invisible can help keep up the standards of snarling, illogical, spittle-flecking, threatening, and totally hilarious stupidity for the entertainment of the population at large. So come on guys and gals. Let’s go to it!! Get ready to type. Now!

    Am I wrong to encourage the ignorant prating of dunderheads for my own simple amusement?

  2. What Paul said! Seriously, drive-by hate-mailers are one thing, but people like Sarah Cleveland, who seem to start a dialog and then run away, disappoint me so.

    On the other hand, maybe I’m expecting too much from a very young person who, apparently, ran with all her speed into the bosom of Mother Church after not having her life together at 19 y.o. (the horror!).

  3. Who really has their life all figured out by the age of 19? No one. I sure didn’t. But I didn’t need Jesus to help me figure it out. I used, oh, what’s that thing called? You know, the thing that everyone has… Well, some people have… oh yeah! My brain!

  4. Deep down, the part of me that is not thoroughly cynical wants to hope that Sarah, who was apparently asking questions because she actually wanted to know where Bob is coming from, perhaps took his response to heart and is giving the whole sinner/saviour thing a bit more thought.

    …Buuuut, the much greater portion of me that is thoroughly cynical figures that she simply ignored Bob’s reasoned arguement and found some other christians to talk to and reinforce the original preconceptions that she started with.

  5. CATHOLICS deserve respect?? No. Nobody deserves respect just for belonging to whatever religion their mommies and daddies taught them. People who want respect have to do certain things, and behave in certain ways, in order to earn it. I might respect a person in spite of their religion, but never because of it. I find it hard to give my respect to people who insist on belonging to a religion that sanctions pedophilia and defends child rapists.

  6. What did people do before some idiot invented Jebus and Christianity?

    They all went to hell..!!! But now, they’re conveniently all in heaven…what freakin BS!

  7. Fun Answers to Idiotic Hate Mail-Inspired Questions:

    Q: Why do you hate Christians/Jesus?

    A: For the same reason you hate Ancient Greeks/Zeus.


    Q: Why don’t you show my beliefs respect?

    A: For the same reason you would not show respect for your neighbor’s beliefs that you are actually the hybrid offspring of a talking billy goat and a sentient petunia.


    Q: Don’t you know that Jesus leaves the choice of whether to follow him completely up to you?

    A: Yep, just like the government leaves the choice of whether to pay my taxes completely up to me.

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