6 thoughts on “Hate Mail, Great Mail”

  1. for bill and marcello,
    bill and marcello (jesus freaks) ignoring facts ??…hundreds of years before christ, they had marble busts of roman emperors, warriors alike, even the semi-famous of ancient Rome had busts done of themselves…no records of him anywhere else but in the bible…Hmmm. curious…
    there is no bust of jesus, no likeness of him anywhere, and if you think the shroud of turin counts, it sure as fuck does not…not even scientists will back that bullshit…(well only the jesus freaks of science perhaps,but even then reluctantly,and under major scrutiny from fellow colleagues)
    read more…talk more…stop listening to your own screams and shouts…there is a whole world out
    there waiting for you to be more productive,more independent thoughts are awaiting you…
    don’t be religious douche bags…when i believe something is true in my gut…i don’t feel the need to
    shout it from the rooftops…it’s like arguing with a child about a simple equation:
    2+2 = 4….child: ” no it’s not…it’s 6… logical person: Oh…ok…(sigh)
    and walks away….leaving the child in it’s own shit- that would be marcello and bill here.
    in Bobs defense…(not that any is needed,he holds his own very good on this subject!!)


  2. sorry..basically I was saying jesus isn’t real…so theres no need for bill and marcello to stroke the
    imaginary penis of the son of man, or whatever.
    carry on…

  3. I truly can’t believe that so many 1st world countries are completely LOADED with morons. I mean, atleast the middle east has the excuse of being scientifically oppressed and mostly unaware of science in general. This leaves them more susceptable to believing bullshit. But, you’d think that all countries that are considered ‘leaders’ in the scientific race, would not be overrun by such ignoramous’ regarding what is REAL science and what is pseudo-science, and how to determine the difference. Religion is going to die a violent death…..some day. Educate for the win.

  4. I guess Marcello is of the mindset that we should respect ALL beliefs that are different from our own because… well that’s where he lost me.

    Marcello, are you suggesting that I should respect pedophiles beliefs? Or should I respect Neo-Nazi beliefs? You really seem incapable of deciding what is right and wrong. YOu see, when a belief system (or religion) has many GOOD characteristics, but also contains a few extremely EVIL characteristics, (live slavery, murder, etc), the evil traits are DEAL breakers for that religion. You don’t get to stand there and point out all the good things that the child molester has done in his life in an effort to soften the blow of pedophilia. The same goes for religion. THere are certain things that are just unnacceptable regardless of any other positive things involved in the belief system. This is why Christianity, and Islam are BOTH religions that no self-respecting human being would ever associate themself with, let alone respect it. It’s a huge personality flaw that you are too much of a coward to go against the grain and point out when something is just plain wrong.

    Your flaw pal, not mine.

  5. Lady Gaga is fabulous–but she is not the Queen of All Gays. Queers do not have to check with her before they have opinions about things. Her weakness IS her spiritual beliefs, and she acknowledges this herself when she talks about the harm her Catholic upbringing caused her. Of course, she can use her confusion right now about what she should or should not believe in her own music–that really doesn’t matter.

    But really–nobody has the authority to tell anyone they can’t criticize a figure of authority. Go to your local video store or write Netflix and demand they censor all the Monty Python movies. Nobody criticized religion better than they do.

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