3 thoughts on “Hate Mail from Hungary, and my 40th Birthday Party!”

  1. If the bible god would not lend a hand to save even one of his own favorite people, (the 6 million Jews), then Christians don’t have a snow-balls chance in hades for the bible god to save them from anything.

    Happy B-day to you…Happy B-day to you…Happy B-day to you Bob…..Happy Birthday toooooo yoooooooooou!

    40 years old?…Hell, nobody turns 40 years old these days, even Jack Benny never went over 39 years old, Jebus 32? Are you really sure? Have you checked your birth certificate lately, Bob?

    Just think, in just 60 more years you’ll be one hundred…oh shit..duh

    Perhaps you were hatched by a chicken…lol

  2. I always love armchair philosophy rants from Christians.

    “What is reality? Everyone has his/her own reality.”

    No… everyone has his/her own view of reality. Reality does in fact exist, and we can all come to a consensus of what that is by using our wonderful skills of observation and deduction. For instance, any sane person would agree there is a computer in front of them right now.

    Now, if you replaced the word “reality” with “god”, the statement is no longer true. People have all sorts of views on what god “is” (or “should be”?), but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to get a bunch of people to come to an absolute agreement about what the invisible looks like. That’s the key difference.

    “what is love?”

    A pattern of neurotransmitters moving across synapses in your brain. If I cut your head open, we could even measure what “it” is comprised of. Again, the key difference is that the concept is still is based on figures and terms that can be expressed and observed in reality.

    “What is the begining?”

    I don’t know and Mate doesn’t know. Nobody knows. The difference is that I’m not arrogant enough to pretend that I do and claim that all others who believe differently will be persecuted by the great sky-daddy.

    Happy Birthday Bob! Just remember: 40’s the new 20. 🙂

  3. “Yes, I know exactly what you want from me. You want me to open up my mind and play with the thought. You want me to “break free” from this commonsense approach to thinking and restructure it to make what you say sound plausible. You want me to try and forget the things the world has taught me and the consistent patterns I’ve witnessed in people, situations & nature, and instead wrap my mind around these things that sound completely nonsensical. Pretend it’s all true, then say, “Now what?” I understand.”

    I understand, too. He wants you to make his argument *for* him.

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