7 thoughts on “Hate Mail and iPhone app update”

  1. Normal Bob’s all the God ya need! No iPhone app? Buy the “analog” version ya mooks!

  2. Now, that I’ve regained control somewhat, after having come down from a serious fit of demented laughter, not only do I feel relieved of all tensions but I’m able to type this comment to say that the exchange between you and David Jones was really, really, hilarious. ‘Doing the David Jones’, that guy must be one of the greatest stooges ever, absolutely heaven-sent.

  3. Just because Nesmith doesn’t want to do the reunion tour this year is no reason for Jones to jump up Normal Bob’s butt…

  4. Awesome… I just spent the last 10 minutes checking out your site after seeing your Magnetic Jesus Art advertised in a Heavy Metal magazine. It’s amazing… sheer, unadulterated, genius. Thanks again for the contribution to society, and do keep up the good work!

  5. What an emotional let-down it is when a xtain is confronted and sees that mentally stable adults no longer buy into the god and jesus nonsense hoax, it brings out deep seated psychological issues, when a person sees that perhaps they were lied to by their most trusted christian friends, relatives and religious authorities. It’s like their whole life and world view is ripped away from them, their promise of a mansion and streets of gold and singing songs of praise to jesus, their days of glory all shot to hell in one fell swoop. The teaching of the bible obviously is psychological child abuse and should be banned across the world. The bible is of no use to modern society.

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