Amazing Strangers Bumapalooza 2011
The weather’s still not entirely secure enough to provide sure, consistent Amazing Stranger updates, but I’m out there getting what there is to get. And one great GET I got was footage of the very first Bumapalooza! Plus, the deconstruction of a nest.
All this and more in this week’s Amazing Strangers!


2 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers Bumapalooza 2011”

  1. Amazing Strangers Bumapalooza 2011 – fantastic, I laughed, I cried, I became so overwhelmed I retired to my bums nest and found an old bic lighter I had stashed there and lit it, holding it up in the air.

    Unfortunately I dozed off with the lighter still aflame. It lit my bums nest up. I barely managed to escape. I watched my nest turn into a noble pyre of past dreams and future hopes. I shrugged and asked the griswald standing next to me for a dollar.

  2. “It can also be a method of space-claiming to impress other bums, as well as a vivid display of working through ones life-failures while make-believing they have a worth which can be measured in possessions.”

    Damn, that’s sad, you know? But still pretty impressive. Even homeless guys struggle to achieve some version of the American Dream by acquiring more possessions than they can possibly need! Is it like that in other countries? Do homeless people in India go around collecting baskets or wagons or whatever full of random crap? If they saw these pictures, would they say, “I wish I could be homeless in America. Those guys are fuckin’ RICH!”

    Awesome post, Gilgamesh! X>}

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