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An Ant named Daniel


Subject: Jesus

Do you think this site is respectful?

Daniel Ybarra

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matt. 11:28-30

Hmmmmm, excellent question. I hadn’t ever thought of it like that before.

Is it respectful?

I mean, I think in some ways yes, and I suppose in some ways maybe not? I see a sort of honor in the overall presentation. Although I have trouble seeing how it could be seen as dis…

Actually, No.



Are you a Christian?

Daniel Ybarra

Oh Jesus, no.


“despise Him?”

Do you despise Him?

Daniel Ybarra

No no. It’s just play-fun. Pretending. Like play-fighting in the back yard with squirt guns. You don’t hate your friends when you’re shooting them. It’s just pretend.

Does that make sense?


“what if instead of Jesus it was someone close to you that was beaten, spit on, mocked, then nailed to a cross, someone like your best friend?”

I see where you are coming from but what if instead of Jesus it was someone close to you that was beaten, spit on, mocked, then nailed to a cross, someone like your best friend or your father, or your mother? Then might you not want to spray that person with a water gun? Are you of any religion?

Daniel Ybarra

Well no. You can’t have it both ways. Because let’s say my friend or father were nailed to a cross, but THEN he sprang back to life a couple days later and showed up at our house for dinner, then hugged and kissed us all goodbye and started flapping his arms and flew up into the sky forever and ever, I really wouldn’t mind.

And after all of that, he was crowned king of the whole universe and told everybody we had to worship him or go to hell forever, I’d have no problem at all squirting him myself RIGHT in the FACE!!! Like a hundred times, even if he started crying!!! Haha!

I’m atheist.


“why would you spray Him in the face?”

Ok I see. Good point he does win in the end but he did not have wings and doubt he drank any Red Bull. If he were God in the flesh do you think he should be worthy of worship? And if he is God should he be able to make the rules? Atheist? Cool we are going to have great conversation. If he had the powere to forever separate you from God then why would you spray Him in the face?

Daniel Ybarra

Oh man, no. We should worship absolutely nothing. Even if he were god. Worship nothing. Ever!

Worshipping totally defeats the purpose of living your life, because then you’re living it for someone else. If you were a god would you command worship? I mean, not an evil god, because then you would. But if you were trying to be a good god would you order worship and following, and forbid entrance into paradise for any of your creations who didn’t bow to you?

However, if he were make-believe and instead a threat used by men to take advantage of other people, then that’s precisely what you’d do… as a fictional god. It’s really basic, once you step back and think about it without biased.

I’ve known several really cool adults in my life who were super smart & noble & respectable, and the exact opposite thing those people did was command worship for their goodness. They let people live their own lives and advised others not to worship. Worshiping weakens the mind. No good god would want that.

He’s in paradise, Daniel. The greatest place in the whole universe! He’s fine. You need to worry about being taken advantage now, in this life, by the people around you who see you’ll believe anything.


“The difference between His thoughts and mine are greater than the difference between my thoughts and a single celled organism…”

Contrary to your view I believe worshiping God helps to complete you.

What is the purpose of life?

I happen to find great pleasure in living for someone other than myself. In fact all the years I lived for myself and sought out my own pleasure I ended up destroying myself, my relationships with others, and was much less likely to contribute to the welfare of humanity.

It has been my experience that His instruction is for our own good.

I also know many cool adults with many of the same characteristics, some atheist and some Christian. But I only know one all powerful, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being and that is God. I and all other men who are wise and noble are just that…men who do not have the authority to establish any guidelines that should be followed. They also have no power and no place in judgment after we die. Also, I dont know what I would do if i were God, and I will never know. It is not my place. The difference between His thoughts and mine are greater than the difference between my thoughts and a single celled organism I would not comprehend His thoughts all I know is what has been revealed to me by His Word, The Bible.

I am sure I agree with you on many parts of history where Christianity and Jesus was used to exploit peoples lives and used for financial gain. I too believe many were wrong for their manipulative ways. At one point people were not taught to read the Bible for themselves they were just spoon fed what the “Church” wanted them to know, that is sickening.I believe we continue through life with an empty place in our hearts that can be filled by nothing other than an awesome and perfect God. I believe his instruction is for our best interest.

Most of our time will be spent in the afterlife I need to worry about that. If I live to be 100 years old that is a long life to the world but a drop in the bucket when compared to eternity. I don’t believe anything I hear I give all things that I believe much thought.

I am enjoying the conversation and perspective.

Daniel Ybarra

Excellent analogy. Like a single celled organism trying to comprehend us. Microorganisms attempting to understand you, me, and our expectations of them. So far removed from our world, yet passing along ideas to each other about Daniel & Bob. Imagine that juxtaposition and you understand why I don’t take your word, or a preacher’s word, or the word of the Bible’s authors. Single celled organisms claiming to know our minds. Would you advise those cells to listen to each other about what we’re thinking, Daniel? Yet here you are, an ant, declaring to know the ant farmer. And it’s all on the word of other ants.

“Hello people of Antville! This ant named Daniel KNOWS the mind of our farmer! Somehow he knows what is expected of us! We must follow what he says about how to live our little ant lives for he knows what comes after the grave, this tiny ant called Daniel!” 

Yes Daniel, it seems you do understand why I laugh at you and your images of god. You understand better than I thought possible.



2 thoughts on “Ant named Daniel”

  1. Why do believers always insist on playing the “mysterious ways” card?

    It should be as obvious to them as to anyone that once you claim no-one can understand the mind of God, you’ve just thrown away all authority for anyone, or anything, to say what God does or doesn’t want!

  2. They also play the “I’m not fit to run my own life” card. “I tried living for myself and I ruined my life.” And my favorite “Without Jesus I’d be in a gutter somewhere.” What is so wrong with dignity, self-respect and inner strength?

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