5 thoughts on “Feb. 9th, 2009”

  1. Do these people even realize that El Jesus Del Christo prob looks nothing like the thing they worship…come on kids..these images and stories you are in love with are just more marketing gimmicks paid for by what ever king was in power at the time…Jesus just gave them street cred.

    So, if Christianity gained popularity 300 years after all the good stuff happened..can we start making money of David Koresh yet? I know it may be too soon but this is a fast paced world we live in. I really don’t want to wait…I want money now!

    Janet Reno can be Ponchus Pilot..it will be a gay old time…too bad society is too A.D.D. for a good old fashion crucifixion…they want their sin’s “died” for NOW, not is a week or so!

  2. I think that defending critical, mocking, or hateful speech is easiest when that speech is directed at someone else. It’s hard to learn to defend mockery when it’s directed at you. I guess I’m trying to empathize with Joanne, but it’s difficult. A few years ago, I might have agreed with her, but after listening to Penn Jillette’s radio shows and reading your Hate Mail, Bob, I cannot see a valid reason to protect any people or philosophies from criticism. Every idea should be spoken because that is the only way that others can speak up against it. No idea should be sacred. Maybe Joanne will learn this too, eventually. Perhaps she should look into the history of political and social satire.

  3. I think I should point out one very important fact-Karl Marx was the one who stated that religion is the opium of the masses. Take that, you Christian dolt.

  4. does anyone but me feel a little confused on the bob’s last response to always searching, i mean ive got nothing against either of ’em, but it just didn’t seem to fit at all…

    it was like bob lost the arguement for free speech by threatening to suppress free speech, realized it, and got all butt hurt over it…

    if you truely believe what you write contradictory responses shouldn’t mean anything as long as you logic is sure.

    though now that i think about it it may have been sarcasm and as such didn’t need to make sense… (i wish there was some way to display sarcastic tone in typing… oh, the torments that could be evaded…)

  5. I personally believe that US Americans like such as Bob Smith and people out there with out maps like such as the Iraq and um the devil everywhere like such as total fcking genius.

    Best thing in the series of tubes, the internet it’s not a big truck.

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