Feb. 10th, 2009

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what side project I’ve been working on that’s made site updates so few and far between lately. I’ve been assigned to a bulk of the labor on the The Quarter Guy’s site, working with him and a small crew on the “One Million Quarters in just One Month” project. And not surprisingly it’s turned out to be an even bigger task than expected. We’re both starting to think we may have gotten in way over our heads, which has accounted for all the high drama in front of the lens. But there’s no backing out now. Watch the video, then visit the site for details on how you can take part in the challenge.

One Million Quarters in just One Month


6 thoughts on “Feb. 10th, 2009”

  1. I love the Quarter Guy documentary thing you got going. But, in order to get 1,000,000 quarters in just one month, you’d have to collect over 33,333 quarters per day, which to me sounds like quite a huge task.

  2. Poorrrr Quarter Guy…nobody feels his pain…I think you need to roll on him with his twice as productive UK equivalent…Fitty Pence!

  3. Let me get this straight-
    This “quarter guy” goes around telling women to take dick
    up the a$$, approaches customers at the CASH REGISTER,
    and threatens to MURDER somebody on camera?

    Yeah, I went to his website and he refers to living people
    as “dead people” and considers himself a genius, I mean
    I actually [i]read[i] this shit.

    If this “million quarter” thing is a tool to gauge how many
    stupid people there are in the world, its a good one.

    This guy does NOT look like an addict and that’s the scary part.
    If he were an addict and he believed the stupid shit on his
    site, that would be one thing. This guy looks stone cold sober
    to me and he thinks everybody is dead except himself.
    He is one deluded individual.

    When I saw him approaching the girl at the cash register
    common sense compelled me to judge this guy. I try not to,
    I don’t like to, but I had to after seeing that.

    “Quarter Guy” — In my opinion– is just a self-dedicated,
    self-promoting, self-serving asshole. That’s all.

    O.K., I could see if maybe he was one of the last living
    people on Earth (in his mind he thinks he is) , then it might
    be kind of fun to follow him around with a camera but he’s
    not. There must be MILLIONS of people in the N.Y.C.
    area alone that deserve free money more than this guy.

    I would never, ever, ever support someone like that in any
    way, shape, form, directly or indirectly. If anything i’d
    oppose someone like that.

    What excatly on Earth does this guy (at least physically)
    stand for? Just “gimme quarter”?? Does he have a philosophy?
    Again, I went to his site and what he has to say about himself,
    the world, or people in general is totally useless unless
    you’re a psychology student. Even then I doubt you’d
    walk away with much. His myspace page is about the same thing.

    I just visited his myspace page, where he posts, “Your freindship
    will not be approved unless you donate 25 cents.”

    When I looked, his myspace page listed one(1) friend.

  4. This guy doesn’t look like anyone that I would support in any way. I mean, look at the guy, he’s screaming that he’s going to kill someone! That, alone, warrants a trip to jail and psychiatric treatment. I ain’t giving MY quarters to this nutbag.

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