Christian Hate Mail, as you’ve ordered
Believe me, I get the message how much you people love the Christian hate mail, and for many of you it’s the only reason you return to the site. You make no secret of it emailing me your complaints about how little you care about the other aspects of my life that I post. But never fear! All of this this Peeper publicity I’ve been getting these last few weeks has also done wonders for the influx of religious hate mail! Your dinner’s been served…


7 thoughts on “Christian Hate Mail, as you’ve ordered”

  1. It irritates the piss out of me when people who don’t know me tell me that they love me, thinking that I’m such a naive sap that I’d be guilted into heeding their words. Love is a very strong word. Much like hate. It’s not something to be thrown around carelessly as these fucking idiots do. They do not love me. They do not love you. They love only themselves and their master. In fact, Jesus even commands his followers to hate their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. These idiots don’t know the meaning of the word “love.”

    Your replies to the inane hatemail is, as usual, witty and entertaining. I was afraid for a minute that there would never be another installment of hatemail.

  2. To Terry:

    Although you asked Bob his opinion, he welcomed everyone to respond to your questions, so I will try to answer as best I can.

    Which religion do I find more dangerous? Islam? Christianity? I find both to be dangerous, though I feel that Christianity is a bigger threat to my safety as an atheist and homosexual, as the politicians in the US are of the right-leaning, theocratic type. Laws are consistently passed in this country based on a book written over three thousand years ago by primitive cavemen who had no understanding of modern scientific principles. As such, I find Christianity to be more dangerous than Islam, at least here in the United States.

    Many people will say that Islam is more dangerous because Islam is all about terrorism and blah blah blah. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Most Muslims are peaceful. The terrorists are a minority of the religion as a whole. Let us not forget that there are also Christian terrorists. Both religions have their terrorists and their more “reasonable” folk.

    As Christianity is the dominant religion in the US, I’m more threatened by it than Islam. I find both religions (well, ALL religions) to be absolutely and utterly ridiculous. That does not mean I demand that people stop believing. I really could not care less what people believe. If believing in a god or gods helps you get through the day, by all means, believe. But do not force me to think and believe the same as you. I’m relatively tolerant of others’ beliefs, but I absolutely will not tolerate others telling me what to think, what to believe, and how to live. Don’t try to convert me, and I won’t try to convert you.

  3. Way to go Bob! Who would’ve thought that creating a website mocking Jesus would bring Christian women to claim that they love you and will make your bed for you. I wonder if it will make Chrisitian women desire relations with me and my wife?! Teach me Bob, teach me!

    Where did you purchase your sword?

  4. “I know that for myself each and every great leap I’ve made in growing and maturing has been the direct result of making mistakes that you consider sin. ”

    See, this is what Christians do not understand. Many of the behaviors they call “sin” are simply normal human failings, shortcomings, and mistakes. How can we grow as human beings if we don’t learn to overcome these things? And the only way we can overcome them is to experience them, and suffer their consequences. If God does not want this for humanity, then why did he set up the system so that it works that way? I guess it is considered a sin for them to ask such questions.

  5. Creation Rebel? Can one honestly call oneself a rebel if one also claims to be on the side of the ultimate authority of the universe?

    Not that contradictions bother such people. Creation rebel belongs in a mental hospital.

    If you don’t know one hundred percent (and you don’t) that Christ is not who He says He is, you would be wise to hush with your website cross dressing Him on the cross. It is not wise to make a light matter of something that could potentially be very serious, eternally serious.

    Lemme guess . . . Creation Rebel refrains from blaspheming Allah, Vishnu, Zoroaster and Lord Snoopy because she is not one hundred percent sure that they are not who they say they are.

    Nah, she’s 100% certain she’s right. No reasoning behind this. Just certainty.

    I have seen some horrible things the humans would call afterlife or hell

    She’s seen them? How, pray tell, did she get a visitor’s pass? Seriously, this is a person who needs help.

    If you have not met with God . . .

    She’s met god? I don’t know what she has. Schizophrenia maybe? But she needs professional psychiatric help.

    you sound so much like my enemy, I’ve heard his boast and demon tounges so many times, once you endure his taunting tounges there’s not really any shock in anything else.

    Good grief! This poor person. She probably really does hear these things. It is probably all very real to her. It’s heartbreaking, really.

    It seems all the people who don’t know God have the most to say about Him

    Well, that’s true by definition. Since there is nobody who actually knows this creature, but plenty who yammer about what it wants.

    don’t deal so foolishly with weighty matters you are not experienced or knowledgeable about.

    Is this irony? Or just hypocrisy? Dunno. It’s hard to tell when someone who lives in a pathologically surreal universe demands that you accept reality.

  6. To Terry
    Here’s a quote from Bob, “Your god, the Christian’s god, the Jew’s god, the Heaven’s Gate god, the Greek gods and the Norse gods are all equal to me. They are all equally pretend. They were once necessary for our survival back in a day when we had no other way to answer the questions that perplexed us. But now, even though we’ve got the tools at our hands to solve life’s problems, we’ve still got this useless appendix taking up valuable space in our logical thought.”

    So I guess Bob would find both Islam and Christianity both equally a threat.
    I personally think it’s relative, if I were a woman in Afghanistan I’d find Islam a big threat, then again if I were a man in Afghanistan, probably Christianity as some moron said the Christian God told him to invade Afghanistan. It all depends on who you are and where you are, so in the end it’s they’re both fucked up.

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