One thought on “Amazing Strangers 2010 hits HARD”

  1. Bob, these videos — and I’m thinking especially of the one of the Best Buy incident — remind me of why I’m glad I don’t live in the big city, but also of the drama and excitement I’m missing because I don’t. It’s not just that this stuff probably happens a million times a day in a place like that, where people are bumping up together like the cliched rats in a cage. I mean, we have Best Buys and Wal-Marts down here, and weasely punk shoplifters (or whatever that guy was doing) and gorilla-like security goons, too, and such incidents are not uncommon. But what fascinates me about your video is how such a big crowd immediately forms for what is probably a very minor and forgettable event, and how so many of those random people feel the need to jump in and contribute to the yelling and cursing and what-have-you. Around here, first of all, you wouldn’t have an instant crowd to gather, unless it was Christmas-time in the mall. And second, people would here would just walk on by and try to politely pretend nothing was going on, unless it involved someone they knew. I’m not putting down life at is is lived in NYC, but I can see that in some ways it’s quite different from the places I’ve lived.

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