Visitor’s Beware

Amazing Strangers Wendell icon

Something’s happening. I’m getting about 100 new subscribers every couple days on YouTube. This month I’m easily going to surpass 10,000 subs, and never before have I felt so at ease behind the camera as I do now. That combined with how manically I’m pursuing interviews & events there, 2015 is looking to be a stellar year for Amazing Strangers.

Viewer take note: A warning to anyone entering the park. Beware of the screaming lady with the Pitbull! They say dogs take on the personalities of their owners? Well then, this one is coming completely unhinged and on the verge of attack the first unsuspecting do-gooder who gets too close, and getting itself “put down.” It’s a clear recipe for disaster. Watch the video and you’ll see just what I’m talking about.

And the guy in the red coat? I’ve been calling him Slipknot, because that’s what I’ve heard him screaming (in that special Slipknot bellow) at times underneath those headphones. Seems also to be another regular, until he’s locked up somewhere.

There are going to be several new groups added to the map this year. The Fix-gear bike-messengers have squeezed themselves in between the skaters and the Flips section. And there’s a good, solid circle of Christians finally calling a spot at the Square home. And this bunch I think might actually stick it out, because they’re not quite as enraged as past prostilitizers. That goes a long way in securing their longevity there. One of them is Tom, the Bible-believing Christian, whom I interviewed during the May Day Demonstration.

Also, more than ever before, I’m shooting photos. Lots of them. I’ve found going back through filed of the last 13 years that I haven’t been doing that enough, and the images I do have are priceless. Here’s a gallery of the latest.