Unwanted Blessings Can for Christmas!

Are you tired of all the holiday blessings and unwanted prayers that come your way at Christmastime? Well, you need to get The Can! The Christmas Blessings Neutralization & Containment Can for under the Christmas Tree! Your Christmases will be less Jesus and more Santa from here on out!


5 thoughts on “Unwanted Blessings Can for Christmas!”

  1. why do people write hate mail anyway? like the gerry and joel duo?…whats that weird shit all about?? it’s like Ernie and Bert decide to make contact with the adult world or something.
    joel was afraid to send the letter himself?…so gerry put its name on there too??
    gerry and joel…(products of incest,religious pee-pee whacking??)
    I’m so disgusted with these hate letters….none of them are any good!!! i wanna see phrases with
    words like, fuck face, asshole, mother fucker, instead, Bob gets all the retards…(sigh)
    to gerry and joel,
    you are feeble children of jesus, go and be castrated for the benefit of mankind.
    (starting with your immediate community first)

  2. Bob, I must say, your response about the ‘can’ under the tree was gut busting! Something about your cartoon actually made me laugh out loud. Hilarious! I’m sure you completely confused the fuckers with that one.

    Happy Hole-days

  3. That was probably the best reply I have ever read on your website, Bob! Next year, I am going to put a brightly decorated coffee can under MY Christmas tree, and store those otherwise useless blessings for my garden the next spring, along with coffee grounds and orange rinds.

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