2 thoughts on “The Hate Mail files of Jesmond”

  1. “Jesus existed and what He said is historically true at least. Any historian will tell you that.”

    Thanks, Bob, for highlighting that. This represents some of the worst nonsense Christians spout, and I usually can’t let it pass without comment. There is no “historical Jesus,” only hearsay from sources decades and more after his supposed death. Historians cannot prove that the man even existed, much less quote the man, and not a single reference to him exists, historically, dating from the time of his life, or for many years afterward. Pretty strange considering that he raised the dead and such.

    And which historical text reports that folks who knew Jesus has their skin peeled off alive?

  2. I think Jesmond was touching on the apologetic that somebody would not die for a belief that the know to be a lie. Suggesting that the so called Christian martyrs must have been correct in believing that Jesus died and was resurrected. I just recently watched episode #623 of the Atheist Experience where Tracie Harris absolutely smashes this ridiculous idea. She gives several examples in history of false confessions and a bevy of other reasons why someone would die for a lie.

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