32 thoughts on “The Gary Amirault files of hater mail!”

  1. “Dr. Sam Wang, associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at Princeton University, earning his Ph.D. from Stanford University School of medicine states, “At any given moment, our brain is probably lying to you. Although you think you perceive the world directly, your brain analyzes stimuli in ways that may not reflect reality.”

    Wait a minute, I think I am seeing a keyboard in front of me, but in all reality, I’m seeing a dark plastic frame with strange square symbols printed on them and since I don’t believe in man made gods, but apparently my brain can’t perceive truth, I must be wrong, there must be a god and he sent himself down from the clouds above and had himself murdered 2000 years ago so that I would believe in him today. So now thanks to the professor, everything my brain has always perceived as true, suddenly has become totally false!

    And they pay these idiots to teach that BS in colleges???

  2. That is such a stupid quote, and its especially stupid to use in an argument for the fact that i can be devalued with questions like: “how do you know what you perceive is not reality?”
    or even “what is reality?” and sure they can retort with “its whats actually there”, but how can you actually prove anything is actually there, without a definitive answer answers like i can feel it or i can touch it will endlessly lead you nowhere. not to mention the quote says nothing about what you brain is lying to you about it could be lying about anything maybe religion or faith for example and how does that guy know for sure your brain is lying and his is not? In conclusion I implore you to finish arguments like these with people who swear they’re intellectuals with intelligible psycho babble

  3. Wow, this douchebag is pretty desperate to get his website links published huh? He should just buy google ad space like every other nutjob.

    BTW: What’s his fixation on Bob, poo, and nude kids?

  4. “Believe me, I am endlessly, immaturely, obnoxiously entertained by my own BS.”

    Me too. And so are millions of others, I bet. Hilarious stuff. You bring the gift of laughter to so many, with the unwitting help of your mailers. Be forever, Bob, and the hate-mailers too.

  5. This old fellow reminds me of Pastor Bob from way back in #67; he’s a condescending bastard with just the right mix of arrgoance and ignorance. His article basically boils down to “don’t believe your own eyes, believe my personal interpretation of a 2000-year-old dead man’s life.”

    It happens that I just reread Arthur Miller’s “the Crucible” today on a long trip, and I’m a little more sensitive to how sickeing it is when people try to manipulate and control others through their thoughts and beliefs. It makes me sick to think of how many people actually buy into his “your own brain is lying to you” bullshit.

  6. You can’t hope to help the mentally ill. That is for trained professionals. But it is kind of you to attempt help them Bob.

  7. Tsk. Typical evangelical christian. Merely ask them a question they can’t or won’t answer and then they go all snotty and reveal the hate and copraphilia that is always just below the surface before they stomp off in a huff.

    Oh well, I guess it comes from worshipping a shitty god. And if you aren’t familiar with His weird obsession with poop, check this out:


  8. Hey, wasn’t the “our brains are lying to us” argument used in the movie Dark Star to convince the bomb not to explode in the hangar? Didn’t work out too well from what I recall.

  9. What?! Haha this guy has no clue. Jesus is real and reality isn’t really reality…therefore I’m allowed to say Jesus is real.
    Not that we don’t use our brains to decide that Jesus is real, or that he’s a god, or good.

  10. “But it’s time for you, Bob, to turn your shit into manure.” I see a Sheeples cartoon in Gary Amirault’s future.

  11. I just love how these wingnuts always feel they know more than you do about yourself and turn into amateur psychologists/psychiatrists, freely offering their delightfully amusing but ill-informed diagnosis. You tell them what you really think or feel and invariably you will be accused of being a child throwing a shitstorm in the face of the true god to make yourself feel “big”, or of being a sad little “black imp” of a nihilist, curled up in a fetal position, wanting nothing more than to be cuddled and told you’re special–and, of course, only Jesus can fix your problems.

    And under no circumstances will they accept any other explanation. No, until you accept my beliefs as true and adopt them as your own, you will be by definition “immature”, “incomplete”, “empty”, “damaged” and “broken” (insert religious buzzword for unbelievers here), because that is the only possibility for anyone without the fulfillment that only their god can bring. So you tell them what you really think or feel, but that doesn’t matter because everything you say is a lie to cover up the fact that you really know that they are right and you just refuse to admit it in your brokenness. Because no one could really mean those terrible horrible things you are saying about Jesus, so the only possible explanation is that you are in Jesus-denial. AARGH!

    But it’s totally not a cult. Oh, no. *eyeroll*

  12. The guy has issues.

    He starts all playful – ‘How many magnets have you sold’.

    Then the ‘What if it’s all true?’ tack. “How much guilt and shame would you feel?” Guilt and shame – standard Christian stuff. Automatic assumption that Bob has deep-rooted denial issues – standard Christian stuff. Possibility of being wrong = does not compute. Strangely prescient use of the word ‘psycho’.

    Then the previously veiled arrogance comes to the fore, with dollops of paternal condescension. Bob must be “lashing out” at “things he doesn’t understand” like a “little boy” with a “deep hurt”; a “rebellious kid” “throwing shit”. Two interesting side-notes here:
    1) Gary has his own personal interpretation of scripture, and
    2) Gary was not always a believer and has been saved. Could it just be possible that he has projected his remembered feelings of guilt, shame, denial and anger onto Bob? Surely not!
    Oh, and there’s no need to answer Bob’s question. It’s a silly question; of course God is real. Possibility of being wrong = does not compute.

    Then the righteous anger that was there all along finally breaks free. “I’m not interested in speaking with that outer wall of sarcastic demeaning angry crap that paints anything of value or meaning with shit”. Bob is lying! He must be! ” I’m interested in reaching in and speaking to the child within that is afraid of the light.” Yuk. What a creepy arrogant fuckwit.

    Now let’s just sprinkle in a dose of the sort of philosophical science that Christians just fucking love (what a shame they ignore all the other stuff that continually and ever-more conclusively proves boring things like the age of the earth, the age and formation of the universe, evolution, etc). Maybe we’ll never know anything! Except we do – because a community of experts write it down and publish it for assessment and criticism from other experts the world over.

    Gary likes that quote because it means that he can live inside his head. However when it comes to important questions like where we came from and where we going, we don’t have to do that – unless we feel some need to. Oh dear. Well, Jesus forgives hypocrisy too, so not to worry.

  13. Fidel, I appreciate your breakdown. Could you by any chance send me a photo of yourself? I would like to post this with a photo in the sidebar of another page of Gary’s letters. They’re lot’s of fun and your comments are directly related to what we’re yellin at each other about.

  14. Bob – keep this guy going if you can, this material is pure GOLD! Definitely a little something different, it really spices up the hate mail when you get a guy like this.

    Gary has disappeared so far up his own asshole that he created a tiny black hole of pure bullshit. He sucks up and destroys all logic or questions that approach, while hiding beneath a veneer of being offended by your blunt (and enjoyably obscene) language.

  15. “Mat 5:46 If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that.
    Mat 5:47 If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal? Any run-of-the-mill sinner does that.”

    *laughing out loud*

    Seriously, what version of the bible is he using? Not that it *really* matters, but this is one of the more interesting “modern” translations I’ve ever read. Apparently the ancient Greek sources translate quite well into modern American cliches, did you know?

  16. Shit, Gary Amirault’s life is a pile of shit!

    The stupid folks are always too stupid to recognize they are the stupid ones. Tsk.

  17. Aww, poor little Gary! He’s all confused and angry now! As I was reading his ignorant, insulting and frankly batshit wacky emails a picture of him formed in my mind. He was a tiny little boy sat in a big pile of poop happily rubbing all over himself. Gary sure does love poop! In fact, it would appear Gary loves shit more than he loves Jesus. Little Gary can’t answer your questions sexy Bob man, because he can’t allow himself to think critically for even a moment or his brain will just pop! Pop I tells ya! And his ears are too full of crap to hear you anyways. And look, now he’s sad because you told everyone how magnificently retarded he is, and all he can do is throw his beloved shit at you because shit is all he has. Poor little retarded shit loving Gary! If only he could see himself for who he really is. And he writes so pretty. Imagine what that brain could achieve if it wasn’t so fixated on lies and doody. (By the way, just wanted to say I love Amazing Strangers! Fabulous stuff Mr Bob Sir!)

  18. Confessions of hyperbole aside, shouldn’t it be obvious that any number that is >30,000 is also >20,000?

  19. I’d like to know who taught him to interpret Ancient Greek and transfer it to the American English language… historically it’s the most difficult language to interpret, which is why philosophy has its many twists and turns! I had a Greek professor, and we would discuss ethics often, and he would always mention that even he is remiss to accurately interpret their meaning. It’s all up to the interpreter! Unless you were there when those portions were written, asking the fellow what he meant, not a single person alive can know the direct meanings.

    Besides. It’s all bullshit anyway. There are no invisible fairies in the sky waiting till we’re dead and rotting to talk to us. It’s just another club people can join. “We’re in Club Jesus, and you’re gonna go to Hell if you’re not!”

  20. Bob, about that number he ranted on about. Seriously, if that was the only thing you changed… how can he say you pick and choose your edits? You changed a number to be more honest the second time around. You didn’t delete any of his preciously useless conjecture. Next time, just leave it in.

    And @ Reverend Doktor Jim B. Warnke, FSD (AKA Uncle Satan), you’re right!

  21. I have to give you credit just for having the patience to read his ridiculously long letter, Bob. Why can’t the Holy Spook teach this guy about paragraphs?? At least that would have made his letter easier to read.

  22. you are really cool. i cant belive u have the patience to answer all the mail. well i love the amazing strangers match game good luck!!!!

  23. So….in Gary’s third message to you he said “before I get to my answer for you” , as if he was actually going to answer your question. But he never did… did he? He just totally changed the direction of the conversation to metaphorical bullshit.

    Keep him on the leash bob. You might get an answer from him if you keep on him, but I think he knows he’s been exposed. Why do people not realize that they are wrong when they actually have to AVOID certain questions? You’d think it would be like a light going off in their head saying “HEY, maybe I should re-evaluate my position if I am constantly having to avoid certain questions that I have no problem asking other people to answer.

  24. You can tell that Gary is a true Xian by the way he dodges actually answering the question, that is what religious people are really good at; avoiding reality!
    Bob, I just found your site a few days ago, thank GOoDness for Google srearches of ‘blasphemy’ taking me to Jesus Dress Up Lmy new fav online activity)

  25. As expected, when we got around to the condition of Bob’s heart, he bowed out. Of course, he didn’t tell his fans cut me off. First he sets people up in emails, then makes them public without permission and then his mastery of sarcasm and mockery go into effect. He pretends to seek truth but all that comes out is sarcasm and mockery. He pretends to be a caring person, yet he uses women as sex objects to hustle sleezy merchandise. How is Normalbob really any different from that which he mocks? He’s not different at all. In honest circles, that’s called a hypocrite. Normalbob decided he didn’t want his email posted:

    Normalbob writes: You should be instantly declared a Prophet of God and the world should be forced to fall at your feet to shine your shoes with our hair, our tears of regret as shoe polish.

    Gary’s reply:
    I have to admit, Normalbob, you are an expert in mockery and sarcasm. You can trash anything you put your mind to. Many people around the world have experienced God. You just can’t get around the fact that one can “experience” reality or truth outside of our five senses and our natural mind. You are trapped in your own thinking. You think God must be limited to what’s under your cranium and its sensory apparatus. You’re like a little maggot that refuses to believe in human beings because the maggot can’t understand humans through its senses and brain. I can’t or don’t want to understand that it’s possible that to get to know God requires something other than what they are.

    There was a time when humans could only deal with the visible spectrum of light. That was all we knew. But now, we have instruments that can reveal to us parts of light that we couldn’t see with our eyes. We know there are sounds beyond what our natural ears can hear. You understand this and yet you cannot or do not want to acknowledge that there may be a supernatural or a diety that your five senses and brain cannot as of yet grasp hold of. I’m really quite amazed that you can’t understand such a simple concept. I think most kids five or six years old can comprehend the idea that a reality may exist beyond the abilities of senses and brain. But you can’t.

    Keep flailing those arms, Normalbob. Eventually, you’ll tire even as every little babe in a hissy fit. You will weary of throwing crap at that which you do not understand. You’ll discover you’re not as smart and rational and logical as you think you are. Take a real good look at yourself in the mirror when you put your horns on. Rational? The hate you have for Jesus is not rational, my friend.

    Your season of winter will come to an end. Spring is near. By the way, putting your sarcasm and mockery aside, I don’t believe I am any better or worse than any other human being. And I don’t think you are any better or worse than any other human being. “There is none righteous, no, not one. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” When we all get to the end of our journey here on earth, we will all look at each other face to face, we will not look up nor down at each other. We will value each other through God’s eyes. And we all are highly valued of God especially the One you have chosen to mock the most, Jesus, the Savior of the entire world.

    At the present time, you put everything that doesn’t like up with your atheistic views in one pot. All religions, all concepts of spirituality, all ideas that perhaps there is intelligence behind creation are treated with distain by you. Your flailing arms are proof that it is not reason that is causing you to behave this way, it is ego, it is pride and it is a desire to remain unaccountable to anything. You know at some level that if there was an intelligent creative power who perhaps had a moral code of some sort, that you would probably fall short, that you would probably have to change some of your ways if you were to line up with his/her/its agenda. I think you prefer remaining in the dark on this. It’s similar to some people who know that there is something terribly wrong in their body but are too afraid to go to the doctor to find out. They prefer the uncertainty to the truth. You say all you want is the truth. I don’t think so. I think you love your ego more than the truth.

    God is love, Normalbob. And when you meet Love you’ll dismantle this sleezy, cheesy site and do something productive with the precious gift of life He gave you. He made you with a much higher purpose in mind. Remember, I don’t believe the Bible in its original languages taught a place of Hell for most of mankind. I believe the original languages of the Bible teach that all mankind, including you, Normalbob will be in heaven with God and experience eternal life. There is no Hell. This false teaching has turned many people into atheists. That is the main message He gave me 25 years ago and I will spend the rest of my life telling it. I know it (the false teaching of Hell) contributed to my turning to atheism when I was young. Jesus said, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw (drag in the Greek) all mankind to Myself. This He spoke signifying what manner of death He should die.” John 12:32, 33. Jesus WILL save all mankind from its bend towards destruction. There is no reasonable reason, Normalbob, for you to have the animosity you have towards Jesus. He did something for you, my friend, that one day will bring you to your knees in worship. Til then, Peace, Shalom, Salam to you, Gary.

  26. Ah, with the uniformity that Christians have in their e-mails, it makes me wonder if that’s the closest thing to the Borg that we’ll see in our lifetimes?

  27. I love love LOVE that a believer quoted: “Dr. Sam Wang, associate Professor of Molecular Biology and Neuroscience at Princeton University, earning his Ph.D. from Stanford University School of medicine states, “At any given moment, our brain is probably lying to you. Although you think you perceive the world directly, your brain analyzes stimuli in ways that may not reflect reality.” (from an outline of his course “The Neuroscience of Everyday Life.”:

    Evidently, they don’t have the insight top understand that it very easily can refer to their religion.

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