2 thoughts on “The files of Richard Clark”

  1. It’s not enough that the wrongs we do can be absolved by someone else. We, God’s creation, are born guilty – convicted by God for nothing we actually did. In order to need His forgiveness God put the wrongs of Adam and Eve on our shoulders. God stacked-the-deck of life before the game began. Of course, all this is true of only a certain definition of God.

  2. Religion does not promote ethics in any way. Approx 76% of the U.S.’s convicted violent criminals are Christian. Why? Because like Bob KEEPS SAYING TO THE IDIOTS, it must be easy to commit a crime against another human being if you feel all you have to do is accept the sky fairy into your heart, and that makes all the bad you did go away…erases it….poof…..gone. That is the belief that PROMOTES UNETHICAL ACTIONS.
    Believe it or not!

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