4 thoughts on “The files of La Tonya”

  1. Jesus Bob! I always enjoy your hatemail responses, most of which are playful mocking of the nonsense of others. But the points you raised here about Christianity being exactly the kind of religion that humans would invent? That really cuts right to the ‘heart’ of it, doesn’t it?

    It doesn’t get any more profound-and-yet-obvious than that.

  2. The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no god!”

    But a much bigger fool thinks and believes that their heart has a mouth and vocal cords and tells them just what they want to hear especially now in the 21st century!

    La Tonya, It’s called a “brain” the part of the body that the uneducated Buy-bull writers knew nothing about, among many other things.

  3. One need only to look at Scientology for an example of how humans invent religions. Scientology erupted almost overnight because of the writings and teachings of ONE man! It began in 1953 with one church in Camden, New Jersey; now there are more than 6000 churches, missions, and other groups around the world.

    So, YES, La Tonya, human beings CAN create their own religions, and some very crazy ones at that, and those religions can then become very popular and powerful in a short time. Islam is not very old, yet look at the power of this religion all over the world. Does that mean God loves Islam best?

  4. I love how she presents you with a bible quote, and when you challenge it she sends in her very next email a bible quote that directly contradicts the first one. I think it’s too late for her, sadly enough…

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