The Days B4 Xmas!

We’re finally in December, and there’s two BIG things happening this month for which I’m extremely excited. 

Anthony Bourdain @ Drip Drop

1. On the 15th, ten days before Christmas, at the coffeeshop I visit most, Drip Drop Drink is hosting the “Anything But Normal” Normal Bob Art Show!
From 5pm to whenever I’ll be there to make excuses for everything I’ve hung. There’ll be drink, snacks, lots of my art, and probably a very delightful snowfall view out their front window to make it a truly festive event. I’d love to see you there.

2. Then on the 23rd, two days before Christmas, my shipment of BDSM JDUs is scheduled to arrive at my front door! I’m soooooo looking forward to 2022, because by summer I’ll have 3 totally new Jesus Dressups!

There’s your update! Attend the show, and order magnets (if you’re willing to wait a couple weeks for the BDSMs).