Thanks & Giving

Anthony Bourdain pen & ink

Here we are near the ending of another year, and I’m happy to say that the wheels are in motion once again. I have magnets being produced, new art on display, and even a new pamphlet I’ve been leaving on toilet tanks around town. I also have an art show you’re all invited to attend if you’re nearby.

I cannot lie. All I can draw lately are men. Muscle men mostly, but I’ve also recently completed this Anthony Bourdain pen & ink with which I’m quite pleased. It’s already hanging in two spots (three if you count my house), and the original’s already claimed. It’s the first time I really dove into the crosshatching, and I’m delighted with the results. It’s opened up a new door to conveying an expression I’d not yet grasped with other styles I’m used to. You can see for yourself.


However that does not mean I’m still not fully expressing myself in other ways drawing men. Truth is there’s always been an awfully suspicious lack of male figure models popping up in my art, and that’s gotta change.  I mean, what’s more inspiring than the unbelievably beautiful muscular physique of the humongous Timbo? Atm, for me, nothing. So let me draw more!

As I’d mentioned before, there’s new JDUs on the way!
I was just about to run out of BDSM JDUs, so those are the first ones I expect (hopefully middle of next month)! Once those arrive there’s two more a-comin’ whose identities will remain untold until they’re in hand. Obviously I’ll keep everyone posted.

I’ve gotten several requests to make the GOD BLAMES US pamphlet available for you. It’s the pamphlet I’ve been leavin’ around these parts of town for awhile now. So I’ve added a pdf download to the others, and it can be found here.

Finally, yes you heard me right. I’m going to be having a show at the Drip Drop Drink in downtown Muskegon December 15th, 5pm – ? w/framed art prints on display & sale. Or just come for the drinks.
And I think that’s it. You’re up to date. Now let me get back to my man-drawings.