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Normal Bob’s an Asshole. Discuss.

“Hey Normal Bob,
As an atheist, I really respect people like Dawkins and Hitchens…people who take on theists in calm, reasonable debate (and win!) I think you do a much better job on your website when you debate people in the street and put forward a case for atheism.

Having said that, I think you have a bit of a God Obsession. Not that atheists should have undue respect for religions, they like all things in a free democracy..are open to mockery etc. But as an individual, you seem to spend all of your time thinking about him (how he 100% does not exist, and drawing pictures of him, and making jokes about him, and dressing up as the devil etc.) Not being too catty here, but how old are you? For personal reassurance, do you have a life outside of all of this? Are you married, do you have a non-God themed job? It all just seems a bit….fifteen years old.

Plus, I note the slight hypocrisy that in your debates you say “life should be lived to make other people’s lives better” etc.
But on your own website act like a complete jerk! “Terror ran through me because nothing creeps me out more than giant moles on people’s faces….I immediately turned my back on her daddy long-leg.” Seriously….? Can you really imagine Dawkins ever writing that….? That’s someone’s kid you are talking about.

Again, I do not really know how much the atheist community needs an ageing man dressed up in a devil outfit, being an arse..and annoying people… as a spokesperson.
From an atheist to an atheist.
Tom Markham”