7 thoughts on “Part 2 of Hate Mail from Jesmond”

  1. Oh the arrogance of Jesmond and Christians to think that they have stumbled upon a universal truth. If they would just step back in their minds and see that were were all born into this world without knowledge of religious beliefs and that their parents had children after they were brainwashed into believing in religious bullshit.

    If people had not been brainwashed at such an early age to believe that they would be punished for eternity for questioning the Bible, they would soon see that the Bible was written as a ploy to control the masses of people and their money.

    Wake up you stupid dumb asses!!!

  2. A quick Google search of Dr. Simon Greenleaf reveals that the oh so venerable Harvard professor relied on nothing but hearsay to draw the conclusion that Jesus was resurrected. Pfft.

  3. The entire central story of Christianity is a gaping plothole nailed to a stick. God sacrificing himself to himself to allow himself to be less angry at critters he made eating some of his magical fruit, because that act somehow broke the universe and God needed blood to fix the universe and only his own blood had enough magic to do it, so he gave himself a body and killed it.

    God loving the world so much that he gave his only begotten son to himself in blood-form makes no sense!

  4. Hey! I’m a life-long atheist, but Jesus H. Christ Bob, cut Ganesh some slack! By all accounts he’s a really mellow dude. I can’t imagine him crushing my head just cuz I didn’t believe in him. Kali or Shiva, on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to run across. Glad I won’t have to cuz they don’t exist any more than good ole Ganesh does.

  5. My favourite quote to come back with when they try Pascal’s wager is the one attributed to Marcus Aurelius.
    “Live a good and honourable life. If there are Gods and they are just they will judge you on your life and not how devout you have been.
    If there are Gods and they are not just why would you want to worship them anyway?
    If there are no Gods then you will have lived a good life which will live on in the memories of your friends and family.
    Or words to that effect!

  6. WHAT evidence is there for anyone, at any time, ever being resurrected from the dead and magically floating away to the sky like some Jesus-shaped hot-air balloon? All they can ever show us is the Bible, and religious writings that didn’t make it into the Bible because the Catholics didn’t like them, and a few obscure references to Jesus outside of biblical texts. This hardly constitutes the vast piles of evidence that Christians imagine inside their heads.

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