I am outdated

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any sort of review of my stuff online, but a couple weeks ago I was sent this. ——>>>>>
My immediate reaction was “Yup, I’m officially old school/dark web internet. I am outdated. You’ll be there too, one day.”

It seems my most popular content reflects this. The videos, the anti-religious sentiment, the uncensored words. In fact, you probably couldn’t upload my content nowadays without being stricken down. I’m probably walking around in fear of reprisals for the things I’ve said and done online, and I’m part of an internet history most would like to forget. The video review was another reminder of how my “normal” does not at all coincide with popular normal. I’ve known this. It’s the reason for my name, for Christ’s sake.

The fliers I spread around town

I suppose I’m not surprised by this, but I wouldn’t have predicted it was the way things would be 20 years later. A lot has happened since I’ve abandoned my main site– A recession, the pandemic, Trump, Antifa, Q, religious & conservative pushback, internet censorship, etc. The news consists mainly of imminent doom and endless reasons to fear your neighbor. Stores are more wary than ever to carry my stuff. I get it. Jesus Dressup is picking a fight when less fights need be picked. And the town I’m living is the most conservative place I’ve ever lived. Life feels very, very different indeed.

Jack Kerouac pen & ink

I’m not living under any sort of fear though. I outgrew that decades ago. I’m naively living under the assumption that people here are suffocating on their old fashioned conservative commitments and’ll be overjoyed to hear my refreshing outlook. Here is my art! Here are my fliers! Here are my funny magnets of your Saviour! Hey, where’s everybody going?! Hello?

I’ve found a few small clusters of folks who do reflect these assumptions, but overall it’s just I who’s suffocating.
So, welcome Fall!

Come see some of my scariest stuff at
The Haunted Art Show! Friday the 13th through October.


Art keeping me sane

Let’s begin this long-awaited blog with an announcement: I’m going to have some scary art on display at The Haunted Art Show October 13th at The Art Wear House in Muskegon MI. What makes this event so unique for me is it’s the first time I’ve been able to display my Creatures Of Neptune publicly. Plus having it here in Muskegon, well, it’s a thrill showing off the strange drawings of my younger years around these parts.
I believe the show goes through to mid November, so if you’re in the Muskegon area and the lack of freaky art in town got you down, come turn that frown upside-down, ya clown!

My 2nd Wendell Pillow Top Hat (I had to preserve the little traveller dude he drew on the USPS box)

I am also very pleased to announce that Wendell is very much alive and well in NYC. So well in fact, I hired him to make me another hat! No joke. Last month I noticed Wendell is quite active on Instagram. And he’s a big enough personality now that he’s being sought out by a new crop of NYC street photographers and looks-loos. So I hit him up on IG letting him know I was in the market for another hat. A Wendell Pillow Top Hat. To me these reflect what I love & miss about Union Square. Plus they look fuckin sharp displayed.
He seemed anxious to make me another. And despite Shaggy’s doubt telling me, “Say goodbye to that deposit! You’re never gonna hear from him again.” Despite this, I believed in Wendell! Then, to my surprise, it arrived on my doorstep just last week, and I am so very happy.

Finally, I’ve been maintaining my sanity the only way I know how. Drawing.
Book Nook Java Shop in Muskegon has my stuff on display and requested I draw more authors. So I’ve been practicing my pen & ink cross hatching on portraits of Vonnegut, Poe, Bukowski, Orwell and others. Stop in to view and purchase these fine, signed prints.

Why it’s been months

I’m aware it’s been months since my last post. I have an excuse though. A few weeks ago my dad died.
It’s been a few years that the prospect of this event has been on the table. When I moved here to Michigan in 2018 I foresaw this as a very real event I’d be facing. Three winters ago he had to get brain surgery because blood was discovered on his brain. He came out of that a little slowed down, but not out. Then two winters ago he had a stroke. Though it took time for him to recover his strength and be mobile again, he got back on his feet. Then this last winter it was determined that the cancer he’d been fighting for the last many years had finally taken hold and he probably wouldn’t survive to see another winter. That turned out to be the case. On July 27th, three days after my birthday, my mom came knocking at my bedroom door at 7AM to tell me dad had taken his last breath.

I haven’t been sure at all how to write about this, or even if I should. Something like this happens and there seems to be not enough that can be said. It’s the nearest I’ve ever been to watching someone leave this life. It’s also been something I can’t stop dwelling on, yet at the same time I’ve not had any big emotional outburst to it either. I loved that guy, and in the 8 or so years it’s been since I’ve moved here, he and I have just become good friends. I never had any sort of falling out with my dad. He’s always been that stable, mild-mannered example for me.

It was this last week I realized that the experience of witnessing his deterioration over the last several months in particular, I’d been preparing for, and making peace with it. He lived to be 91, was able to have his last days at home with family, without pain, and I had a chance to tell him I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. It’s been a difficult couple months, but I’m getting through it all. One of the many things helping me is the drawing. So here’s some of those to show you.

Bukowski & New Stores

Charles Bukowski

I’m extremely happy to announce several new stores that now display Jesus Dressup on their shelves.
• Cemetery Pulp / Las Vegas
Scarce / Massachusetts
Esoterica Occult Goods / New Orleans
Are you in one of these fine cities? I encourage you to seek them out and fulfill your dark weirdo needs!
If you yourself know of a dark weirdo store ripe to consider JDU themselves, please contact me with their name & city. I’ll ask them permission to send samples, then if your suggestion places an order, I’ll send you a set of your choosing for free! My search for places demented enough to risk their eternal souls for my silly magnetic dressup game is never-ending.

Also, here’s my latest drawing, and that’s all I can muster for another month. Thank you for your patience.

Artist, Atheist, Anthropologist