New Final Justice JDU!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me because my new Final Justice JDUs finally arrived! And they’re cool as all hell!
Funny side note: I was on the phone with Shaggy last night and I told him exactly this, and you wanna know what his response was?
“You still doin’ that?”
Hell yeah! As long as they keep selling out, I plan to keep making more. And that’s what happened with both the BDSM and Final Justice JDUs.
The new version of Final Justice has finally been brought up to date with more villains (in addition to the old favorites), and its design is finally uniform with all my other sets. I don’t know why for so many years I could not settle on a consistent JesusDressup logo for the series, but now it is so. 

Final Justice Collector’s Series $25

There’s also some new deals too.  As always, you can get the top 6 for 66! Those are my 6 best selling Jesus Dressups for just $66.

Plus, if you’re like me and the Final Justice is your favorite, this is a no-brainer. You can purchase all 3 versions for only $25. This includes the first printing from 2006 with Tinky Winky, Marilyn Manson & Freddy Krueger, the 2012 version with Donnie Darko, and the new 2024 version with GG Allin, Jimmy Savile, Evil Knievel and Anton LaVey! The Final Justice Triple Threat Collector’s Series for $25.

There are obviously several repeat outfits amongst these, but it’s a rare moment in time where you can have every version of Final Justice JDU ever made while supplies last!


NoBS Radio Shows 2008 – 09?

DJ Snakeface & Normal Bob 2008

Over a decade and a half later NoBS Radio is finally found and accessible again! Episodes 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 have all been restored. Episode 13 has yet to be located. I’ve also been having difficulty figuring out the exact dates each was recorded. They all seem to indicate late 2008 or early 2009, but I’m completely uncertain of this. Are you into solving mysteries on the web like this? If through clues in the shows, Wayback, or other methods, you can solve this. I am interested. In fact, I’m willing to offer a FREE set of JDU magnets of your choice for each show’s year, month, date? If you got the proof you can got some magnets! I’d love to hear from you.

Show #12 w/DJ Snakeface Nov 2008
• We talk about our Expelled documentary experience.
• We’re both terribly excited about meeting Yana Iguana at Snakemonkey and the help she provided for the site revamp. Speaking of Snakemonkey, check out Rachel Amodeo’s “What About Me?”
• Amazing Stranger’s Ramblin’ Bill and the Peepers page & Peepers Gothamist appearance.
Super Chics Blaze & Jen (Severed Moi), Brandy, Messy Stench discussed.
DJ Snakeface spins: “Diary of a Fetus” by Li’l Marky & The Feeders “Jesus Entering from the Rear”

Show #14 w/DJ Snakeface 2008, 2009?
• Talk about George Carlin intro & gf Normal Bobby Smith
• We listen to fan made show promos to win a contest of some sort.
• We read from and discuss the latest page of hate mail – page 374 & 375.
Super Chics additions and updates all around!
• Snakeface “Eat the Bible” challenge.
• Amazing Strangers Dog Molester updates, and I answer Bonnie’s questions about the Peepers and Normal Bob tells stories about his arguments with the Jesus freaks at Union Square Park.
• We discuss the back-masking scare in the 80s in heavy metal music
DJ Snakeface spins: Alice Donut “Lisa’s Father” & Sammy Hall “Hole in my Soul” &  G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies “Highest Power”

Show #15 w/DJ Snakeface 2009 (a few glitches & hiccups in the recording, but mostly fine.)
• My visit to the 9th precinct after threat by Islamic org from page 380 of Hate Mail
• Normal Bob tells some stories about being approached in NYC becuz of my crucified satan tattoos.
The Toys R Us JDU story as told on page 382 of hate mail.
• Talks about Bob Smith USA and my 2nd visit to ASU.
Amazing Strangers pg 71 w/Freddy & Tony dancing, Clint Howard, Gravers, Junkies & Christians at the Square. • • • YouTube was not yet allowing for lengthy, hi-res vids so we’re asking for streaming service suggestions.  
DJ Snakeface spins: Alice Cooper “Second Coming” & Baby Lu-Lu “Jesus Loves Me” & King Missile “Jesus Was Way Cool”

And of course Episodes 10 and 11 can be viewed on the previous page. I’m unsure yet if there’s a need to find a permanent place for these on the main site somewhere, but I’ll be sure to announce it if that occurs.
I hope that these are enjoyed.

NoBS Radio shows found

Normal Bob & DJ Snakeface 2008

One of my favorite things to have happen is when I think I’ve lost something forever, then suddenly in some completely unpredictable way that thing is found. It’s happened with Amazing Stranger videos, and dressup games I’ve designed, and now it’s happened again! Last week I was contacted by my good friend DJ Snakeface, who some of you may recognize by name. He was the co-host of the second wave of NoBS Radio shows broadcast in 2008. If you haven’t guessed already from the subject title, the discovery is that he did indeed have FIVE of the original shows in his possession! I was stunned. I’d thought they were lost forever.

A huge THANK YOU to DJ Snakeface for coming through backing up these files, and all the work put into producing the show. You need to check out his band, Weapon Eyes and Album – Phantom Power. It can be heard on Spotify or Apple Music. It’s really fuckin cool, old school flavored punk rocker stuff with a sense of humor, a heavy beat and fun Snakeface attitude. You’ll love it!

Anyhow, I’m delighted now to bring those episodes to you. Each one is an hour long, and I’ve been going through them trying and pin down the exact date each was recorded, list their contents with links, and figure out the best way to make them public again. I’ve decided the best way right now is to simply make the mp3 files downloadable directly from the site. Each one is around 40mb and there’s only 5, so it should be simple enough. I presently have episode 10 & 11 ready. Click the NoBS Radio icon to download and I hope you enjoy this trip down  Memory Lane as much as I.

Show #10 w/DJ Snakeface Aug 2008
• Promoting the Unholy Army Tour (Chicago) and the Whiteout of the KY tour.
• Normal Bob talks about the tattoo he wants to get, and the site makeover.
• Commenting on hate mail recordings left on answering machine.
• Discussing the Expelled documentary.
DJ Snakeface spins: Jim & Tammy Fey Bakker “Oops Here Comes a Smile”
& The Louvin Brothers “Satan Lied to Me” 
• I tell the story meeting Jay Bakker about his Punkrock Church in Williamsburg.

Show #11 w/DJ Snakeface Sep 2008
• Normal Bob tells the story of his Mancow conflict & Penn Jillette defense.
• Will Normal Bob be Killed? Question posed in VanAllen family chat.
• Discussing the Amazing Strangers pg 60 w/the Dog Molester & Baby Scenesters, and then Bob’s story of New York Magazine’s search for atheists on the streets.
• Snakeface interviews The Pope in New York City, which leads to a convo about each of our religious upbringings.
DJ Snakeface spins: Armourplate “David” & William S. Burroughs “A One God Universe”

As I go through the rest of these I plan to find a permanent spot on the site for them. 
Oh yeah. Happy 2024!

Thank You & Jesus Christ

It’s that time of year again when we all celebrate thanking each other, and Jesus Christ. And what better way to exercise those actions than a Thankyou Sale on Jesus Dressup for the holidays!?! At present I have 7 different JDUs available, which you can now purchase for just $70!

I know it’s again been a couple months since my last post, but I swear I’ve not fallen asleep at the wheel. I have projects being worked on. Ones you’ll be privy to in good time. But the goal of this post is to simply make you aware of this All 7 for $70 deal, and to not waste much more of your time.

I hope that’s alright.


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