2 thoughts on “Oh Hail the Scapegoat!”

  1. This comment page really inspired me. I mean it. I was looking for something to say about this vinyl record preacher, and I recognized his speech in what these loonies are writing in their emails.

    These guys are CHANTING SPELLS AT YOU! I mean, just read it again–doesn’t it sound like they are summoning demons in order to do their will? They really do believe in the power of prayer so much that they think if they write something all bible-ly, that God (or rather, the gods) will respond and say “Your Wish is My Command, Master,” and do whatever it is that’s supposed to happen to you. “I dare you to try Jesus NOW, Bob, because I placed a hex on you! I’m CRAZY! I paint with my poop! Lalalala, I’m Napoleon.”

    Luckily these guys aren’t really witches, because their occult shit they’re into is SCARY! MagicK is real! STUPIFY!

  2. Alleee, you crack me up! 🙂

    I can’t even say anything now. I tremble in the shadow of your comedic genius. When I read the “I paint with my poop! Lalalala, I’m Napoleon” line, I spit my coffee on my monitor. Now I have a mess to clean up. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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