6 thoughts on “Oh, Glorious Hate Mail!”

  1. Christians buy guns because they want to shoot atheists.

    Hear that, Jesus? Score one for the Old Testament! So much for those “we’re living in an age of grace so the old laws no longer apply” Christians! They’s gwan STRAIGHT TA HELL!!!

    Although I imagine the guns to shoot atheists Christians will be going to hell too if they don’t stop being pussy Hamlets and open fire on up. You know. If the bible’s right about what it says about killing us. (And the towns we live in.)

    Deuteronomy 13:13-19

  2. Oh yeah – one more thing:

    Laura Dresow has a problem on her hands, but I think that religious pressure in the government schools is minuscule compared to the government propaganda that nearly everyone in our society receives 5 days a week, 9 months a year, for 13 of the most formative years of his life (K-12). A study of compulsory state schooling reveals that the government schools were designed to create a docile, compliant citizenry fit for obedient industrial employment and military service. It has worked well. I know. It happened to me. After over 40 years I have not completely recovered.

    I hope that more and more parents will refuse to make the mistake mine did. Raise your children yourselves, people. Don’t let the state raise them for its own ends. Ask yourselves how much time you spend with your children compared with how much time they spend in those regimented camps we call schools. What do you expect will be the greater influence on their lives? What do you remember happened to you?

    Homeschooling is not very hard to do, and it is fun, and it produces wise, independent adults. I know. I have done it.

    I hope Laura Dresow will read this and think about it, at least.

  3. The sidebar with Laura’s letter touched me. I, too, am raising a brilliant, beautiful, heathen atheist boy in a world full of ignorance and hate (I live in Georgia!). I am a recovering Presbyterian and my husband is a recovering Jew. My mother is a born-again evangelical (*sigh*), but she’s the only strong Christian presence in my son’s life, so I’m hoping we can pass Jesus off as just one of Grandma’s crazy stories.

    I’d love the freedom of putting him in a school, but I realize I’d have the exact same problems as Laura. I’m not worried about stunting him socially –we have lots of friends of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. My best friend and I are even talking about starting an uschooling atheist coven, and oh! the scandal that would stir up in our town!

    Keep talking to your son, Laura. He may not get it now, but hell, there’s plenty of things my father (the agnostic) taught me as a child that I didn’t get until I was an adult. Keep learning and growing and loving. It’s just what we do.

  4. Man, it’s hate mail like this that really demonstrates the dark side of Christians. I was less offended by the threat to kill atheists than I was by the instant jump to child molestation accusations.

    Not that I’m offended really, but you know.

  5. Greengoddess, you should consider trying to organize a private (or maybe semi-private) atheist institution. The Shambhala community in Halifax, Nova Scotia did it – we could possibly do it. ^_^

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